Carrefour Hypermarket Dragon Mart 02 on its full operations+Give aways for you guys

Way back 2010 people residing here in International city Dubai would never imagine this community area would improve a lot.

Many Dubai expats don’t want to live here unless they are working nearby.

I remember when our company accommodation transferred here from Jaffliya area, most of the staff are complaining so much to the management.

They are justifying that it is not practical for us to move here because of few factors.

Few reasons are; it is far from the center and the shops, restaurants are limited.

But now the place is so busy till midnight.

Last Wednesday Carrefour in Dragon Mart 02 finally announced their full operations as Carrefour brand. This is their official announcement after they took over the Geant grocery store.

I received a mass message that they are announcing totally their opening and a lot of good promotions are available.

So I went right after my work to check the possible options to buy. It is a good timing as I am going for the Philippines vacation next month.

I am preparing ahead of time the items I can bring back home and share with my loved ones.

I can’t believe how many people were there. A lot of new products are available with good prices.

The vegetables and fruits area improves a lot and has a variety of choices to choose from.

I felt I was in Carrefour Mall of the Emirates because of the busy, crowded ambiance.

Many International City residents are glad to their openings, it is accessible from our home so convenient for us!

Hubby and I are so in love in this area all the basic we need are just around the corner.

We actually just renewed our apartment for one year contract instead of moving to Sharjah (other options for cheaper rent)

As gratitude for my Manila-based readers, I would love to share you guys few items I bought for my homecoming. Just do the below easy steps.

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