The benefit of playing hidden picture puzzle and where to enjoy it

Have you tried playing hidden pictures puzzles? Did you know that they are more than just a seek-and-find activities for fun? This type of game is actually innovative, expertly crafted, and full of the challenges that both kids and adults love. Hidden pictures puzzles are proven beneficial in the skill development of children. More benefits include:

It promotes attention to detail.

Kids become better at focusing on the details while they are looking for hidden objects. It makes them become more keen on the colors, shapes and even sizes.

It increases vocabulary.

Reading the picture clues, instructions and other hints help children become visually familiar with the names of many objects.

It instills good habits.

Hidden pictures puzzles are so absorbing that children spend more time on the activity. This increases their concentration, persistence, and determination and using the picture clues encourages independence on kids while they solve puzzles. These habits can become values that are useful when they grow up.


In this digital age, the kids – and even adults – become more interested with an interactive app. They find it a more entertaining and enriching past time activity. So if you’re looking for a fun hidden objects games online, you should check this out. is a site mainly featuring solitaire games. But to cater to more people, they also added a lot of other types of games such as the Hidden Objects puzzle game.

The Hidden Objects puzzle game is further divided into sub-categories. The Castle features a medieval setting where you have to find the 30 numbers hidden in the picture. The China Temple is a hard game where the player has to look for objects, numbers, and play spot the difference. In the Circus Adventure you have to find 10 objects, 30 numbers and 4 spot the differences per level. Meanwhile, Garden Secrets is a traditional hidden objects game. Hotel is an easy 10-level game, while Kitchen is a 10-level culinary themed game. Princess is a challenging 3-level hidden object game. It’s a bit hard to play with as the items are deeply embedded into the landscape. Pirates is an 8 -level puzzle where you have to search for the hidden numbers and items.

I personally enjoyed Kitchen hidden object game. In the game which is situated inside a kitchen, the player has to look for culinary equipment inside commercial kitchens, residential kitchens and living rooms. A lot of objects are hard to find, as they are sometimes very small, but you can zoom your game to see them clearly. You can double tap on the image to zoom in or out.

There are 10 hidden objects on the right side, that you have to find before time runs out. Other control buttons are for hints, pausing the game, sound control, music control, and full screen mode. On the right side is a timer showing how much time is remaining, your current score and what level you are on.

Each level is timed. The first level has a 5-minute limit. The time limit decreases as the game progresses. Incorrect clicks will remove 5 seconds from your remaining time. You can try again if you fail a level but the items you have to find will be different on the subsequent play.

You’ll find the games from this site really entertaining and a very good source of family bonding. Start to create worthwhile activities with your family and friends in this fun site.

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