Kaybiang Tunnel Road Trip and the Monkeys in Cavite

Kaybiang Tunnel Road Trip and the Monkeys in Cavite

With the heavy traffics in Manila, driving fast, smoothly while enjoying the ride sounds so impossible.

The only thing you can achieve a peaceful road trip is to travel out of Manila. Now the question is if there is any place we can enjoy driving not traveling so far?

Based on my recent road trip experience, road going to Kaybiang Tunnel is ideal. Aside from the smooth road, you will enjoy the nice climate there especially during the cold season.

I’ve heard a lot and seen many photos of my friends who had their trip to Kaybiang Tunnel. I can say that those photos are really interesting. I’ve been wanting to visit the place since last year but I never got the chance.

Two weeks back finally the chance I am waiting for long came.

As part of my husband’s and I simple wedding anniversary celebration, we wanted to visit a place that we had never been to. We missed the feeling of excitement seeing the place for the first time.

After our staycation at Caysubic Puerto Azul we went to Kaybiang Tunnel for a quick road trip experience.

As far as I remember, driving from Caysubic Puerto Azul to Kaybiang Tunnel took us about 15-20 minutes drive.

We really enjoy the sceneries while driving with an open window, doing that is impossible in Manila. Driving without an aircon on is torture when in the city, but it is so relaxing in Ternate.

If you are not familiar with Kaybiang Tunnel, maybe you are thinking what is this place all about?

Kaybiang Tunnel is the Philippines’ longest subterranean road tunnel. It links the towns of Ternate, Cavite, and Nasugbu, Batangas through a holed under the Mount Palay-Palay or Mt. Pico de Loro. This is one of the weekend roads getaways of many riders and cyclists based in Manila.

Aside from being a famous spot for a nice drive, the 300-meter tunnel is also a practical route in shortening the travel time from Manila to Nasugbu and Calatagas Batangas.

Near the tunnel, expect that you will find many motorists stopping here to take their photo souvenirs. Visitors do really enjoy their experience here, it is simple and relaxing.

You will find many cafes, burger houses, and bulalohan along the road where you can enjoy a tasty meal on a light budget. 

We had our brunch in this simple cafeteria and tried their Tapsilog, as per them it is one of their best sellers.

But if you are willing to spend a little more on this trip, there are also a few outdoor cafes with a nice view that serves a bit expensive meal.

The surprising experience I had that I never expected is to see tons of monkeys along the road. I was wondering at first on the signage I saw “Do not feed wild animals” I was thinking what animals are those?

While driving a little more I discover what animals the signage is pertaining about. Those cute monkeys! , 

Seeing those monkeys reminds me of a nice spot in Subic Zambales where monkeys on the roads are part of tourism. I never thought there is also one in Cavite.

This monkey was approaching our car asking for food. No matter how cute or innocent-looking they are, control your emotions in giving them food. Remember and follow the rule guys “Do not feed them” it is not just for their safety but mostly for you.


I think this experience is interesting to share as not everyone is aware of this beautiful spot in Cavite.

So if you are looking for a nearby place for your next family outing, why not include Kaybiang Tunnel on your list. Your quick visit here is definitely worth it.

You and your kids will definitely appreciate this new experience, so what are your waiting for? Plan your next weekend trip now!

nothing beats the feeling of being near to nature


Beach in Ternate Cavite

Tapsihan in Cavite



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