Beach front near Manila, Caysubic Beach Resort Cavite

Caysubic Beach Resort Ternate Cavite!

Now that travel restriction due to the COVID pandemic is lighter many of us are thinking of a nice place where we can spend our day.

Definitely, a place where we can relax, breathe, and enjoy the sceneries are some of the criteria in our mind.

You don’t need to travel far, just a quick two to three hours drive from Manila you can find peace even for a while on this beach at Cavite.

It is the Caysubic Beach Resort that is located in Puerto Azul Ternate Cavite.

Caysubic Beach Resort Reception

Caysubic Beach Resort Reception

On the way to the Caysubic, you will appreciate the view with thousands of trees. The resort is inside an amazing forest with beautiful flowers. Driving down to the beach area you will enjoy the view from the top.

Caysubic Beach Resort offers a day tour or even a longer stay. They have rooms that can cater to a guest who wishes to stay here for a few more days.

The best part of it is some of the rooms are located on the beachfront, so relaxing to stay here!

Beachfront room

However, don’t expect too much about the dip experience as the beach water is not like the crystal clear that you might be imagining.

Base on my personal experience, this is a great place if swimming is not your main purpose. If just being on the beach and hearing the wave sounds are good enough for you to relax, you will appreciate this place.

The beach sand is not very smooth but good enough to relax your tired feet!


  • Double-check if advance reservation is required before going here. In my case, we went here walk-in, but the guard reminds us that next time it is best to call as they have limited capacity. We were just able to check in as we came super early.
  • As usual, don’t forget to bring your mask. No face masks no entry policy applies.
  • If you are on a budget and don’t prefer to dine in their restaurant, it is better to bring a snack with you. No corkage fee applies.


Me, enjoying the day. Thanks for visiting my page guys!


  • To be fair with all of you guys, all the photos are unedited and all mine. I don’t want you to expect so much like what happened to me, I’ve seen many great photos of Caysubic online which looks so perfect. Believing those edited photos will just lead you to disappointment!

Directions from Manila to Puerto Azul

Tapsihan in Cavite

Another beautiful spot in Cavite



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