Marty’s Cracklin Vegetarian Chicharon, do you like it?

Marty’s Cracklin Vegetarian Chicharon 

I am here again guys to share with you my other snack discovery here in the Philippines.

Probably you already know this well, or this may be one of your favorite chips too.

It is the Marty’s Cracklin Vegetarian Chicharon from Oishi Brand.

Marty's Cracklin Vegetarian love it

For my past grocery schedule, these chips always go on my trolley. I guess, like you, it is becoming one of my favorite snacks too.

What got my attention is how it is promoted as a “vegetarian option chicharon.”

That sounds cool for many food-conscious Pinoy.

At first, I only got few pieces to try, and from then Marty got me.

For a mid 30’s lady like me I need to be cautious in the food I am having, but sometimes I have a food craving moment that needs to satisfy. And when that moment happens, that is the time you can see me in the grocery chips corner.

On that day, I saw this tempting chips option.

We all know chicharon is mostly pork made, but this Marty’s alternative is a good option if you want to enjoy chicharon more lightly.

Surprisingly, the taste will give you the same feeling of eating a real chicharon.

I am not a Nutritionist to tell if this is really a healthier chip compare to normal chicharon or other chips, but the fact that I don’t feel any light dizziness feeling because of excessive oil, I am happy with this.

Marty's Cracklin Vegetarian texture

It is crispy, tasty but not oily

So far, I have only tried their Plain Salted flavor.

This item is available almost everywhere, from Sari-sari stores, and bigger groceries store.

The price is affordable considering it is label as a healthy cracker. So for your next chips hunting, why you would choose the other brand with the same price but doesn’t give better benefits like this.

Marty's Cracklin Vegetarian


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