New Normal Travel Plan Preparation, what you should do

New Normal Travel Plan Preparation, what you should do;

Now that travel protocols ease up, many are definitely planning their next getaway.

At this time, who would not want to have a relaxing vacation. After the travel restrictions announcement, we are now in its 8th months. This is a suffocating, and long wait, especially for many travelers lovers.

Because of the lockdown, people having stress feelings are increasing and they really need time to unwind. The news about loosening travel protocols excites them.

Despite there some countries are now removing the travel restrictions, few people are still hesitant to travel. Aside from the health safety concern, traveling now is complicated. There are lots of risks, new regulations and protocols that we need to consider.

However, if nothing can stop you from pursuing your travel please make sure to plan it well. 

Below tips and advice may help you with the New Normal Travel Plan.

Good research is very important to know the;

Outbound Country / or Local Province Guidelines

Make sure that you know the travel rules and regulations of the place you will be visiting. There is some countries/province who are requiring that the visitors has the certificate or negative swab test results. 

Double-check all the details to avoid forgetting even small information that may ruin your trip.

In addition to the swab test results, some destinations may require a mandatory quarantine upon your arrival. These details are very important to know, you would definitely not want to spend many days in a quarantine facility. Your vacation would be useless if this would happen.

Place of accommodation

If before, accommodation booking is very easy and just one click away from many booking sites. This time is another story, make sure if the destination you are going to accept a direct booking with the hotel or resort. Some destinations have few appointed accommodation facilities only, verify these details before doing any reservation fee to your chosen hotel or resort.

Airline requirement

It is advisable to read the announcement on the website of your chosen airline, normally they are having the complete information in terms of guidelines in their destination.

Double-check as well your ticket rules, if it is refundable, non- refundable, or rebookable in case of any changes in your plan. Knowing this will help you plan well your trip.

Know the required check-in time, with the new situation maybe the 3 hours before flight internationally is not enough.

Travel Health Insurance

One of the most important parts of travel that many underestimate before. But now traveling without this is very risky, and I think most of the outbound destinations require each passenger to have this. 

You can buy this online or can even avail from the airline. Know what are the inclusions in your travel insurance.

Be updated with the COVID-19 cases in your destination

Vacation is essential, but health and life are more important. Before buying your airline ticket, it is best to do your research about the COVID-19 situation of the place you are planning to visit. Mostly you can find the real situation from different travel forums, you can check from that through local if the situation is ideal for vacation.

You wouldn’t want to travel if all the good places in your destination have major restrictions.

Now it looks you are set for the exciting travel plan, next you need to do is; Before your flight, make sure you are fully ready with all the protective equipment you would need. Including your face mask, face shields, sanitizers, etc.

The new normal travel comes with a big responsibility for every traveler. Your travel may mean relaxation, happiness on a positive side but if you would not be responsible it may mean your life.

Have a safe and fun travel to all!




For your upcoming trip, click below link to know if visa is required to your destination

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