Brunch at Chowking, Pancit Canton is like an Instant Pancit

Chowking is the most popular Chinese fast-food chain in the Philippines.

They are known for their tasty noodle soups, dim sum, and rice bowls with toppings.

When I was still working in UAE, it is proud to see many Chowking branches there. It doesn’t only cater to the Filipino market but also for different foreign nationals as well.

There are actually particular Chowking branches that are very famous being one of the event hall choices. Either for big family gatherings, weddings, and other occasions. In fact, 10 years back I even plan to do my wedding reception in one of their functions halls, but due to some changes, we did it in another venue.

As time pass by, Chowking expands more their branches. Now, you can see them even in the fast-food of the big mall in UAE. Chowking makes a great name in the Filipino Food Industry in UAE.

And now I am back in the Philippines, my support for this outlet will never change. I will always love their food options.

Just the other day Hubby and I had our simple brunch at their SM San Mateo Branch.

Though I am not so confident yet eating out because of the current pandemic, sometimes we just don’t have a choice due to time limitations.

Since my arrival last July, I had been eating in Chowking for a couple of times. I am always having their Chao Fan option, and this is the first time I order their Pancit Canton. I will share in a while my curiosity with this meal.

Meanwhile, let me show you how it looks like to dine in at Chowking during the new normal.

Chowking Dine-In Experience at SM San Mateo 

SM San Mateo is very strict as well with all their visitors, wearing face masks and face shields are mandatory. So don’t worry about this part, all the people you may encounter are following these protocols.

Before you can proceed with your order, you need to write your information in the Health Declaration Paper. At this desk, they have sanitizers that everyone can use as the normal practice today.

Social distancing is implemented, there are stickers to follow. Unlike with other fast food chains, that there is no provision to eat facing each other, in Chowking you can enjoy your meal facing your loved ones, they have barriers at the table.

With this, I was comfortable having our brunch.

Hubby and I order a light meal, he got the Wonton Soup with Siopao, while Pancit Canton with spring rolls for me.

Chowking spring roll

Tastes are good, but the way Pancit Canton was cooked I am just curious if it really likes that. I feel that the noodles used were a literal instant pancit canton, I am always ordering Pancit Canton in Chowking UAE, and as far as I remember it is not similar to the one here in the Philippines.

Chowking Pancit Canton

Don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing negatively but I am just curious if the way it should cook is like that or it is because of economical reasons.

Anyway, aside from my Pancit Canton concern the rests are great.


You can find Chowking SM San Mateo Branch at the 2nd level.

Chowking SM San Mateo





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