The Venice of Hong Kong – Tai O Fishing Village

December 03, 2017 – Day 02 – part 02

Welcome to Tai O Market Lantau Hongkong.

Or should I say thank you Tai O for welcoming me! In reality, this is my first time to hear this place in Hong Kong. I am totally clueless on what we can see in this place.

The first thing that came to my mind that it might be another bazaar of apparel or souvenirs market.

Brother planned the itinerary for this day. It was his suggestion to include visiting Tai O village after our Ngong Ping Exploration.

From the Ngong Ping village, we took the public bus to Tai O. As far as I remember we traveled for about 30-45 minutes.

That is such a good idea so at least we can explore Lantau province to the fullest.

Though my brother is working in Hong Kong he hasn’t been in this area yet. According to him he only saw it on the internet and look interesting to explore.

So, all of us are literally a tourist this time.

I was a bit sleepy when we reached the place as I fell asleep during our journey. But my sleepiness feeling change to excitement when I saw the place.

We learned that this place is also known as the fishing village.

The moment I stepped in I know this place tells a lot.

Upon my research, I learned that this village has a big role in trading and fishing port hundred years ago. Fishermen started to reside here since the Ming Dynasty.

Comparing this place to the modern city of Hongkong you will realize how this country improves a lot. If the city is full of huge and tall buildings this village is famous for stilt houses.

Here, you can feel that life is much simpler than in Hongkong city. The people are living in the more traditional way.

Trading is their main source of income you can find a lot of stores selling different kinds of goods. But mainly it is a seafood product from fresh to dried.

Some of these maybe are not familiar to everyone. But it really looks interesting!

Expect that smells here are not enticing. So, if you have sensitive nose its time to cover it a while and just enjoy this new experience.

And that’s what we exactly did we just simply enjoy each moment.

One of the memorable guy during this trip, he is accommodating and funny.

He keeps on offering that big cuttlefish for tourists who would like to take a photo of it. (no cost at all)

Tourists happily took a shot and of course, I also grab the chance.

Touring around we thought that all those stilt houses are literally a house. But, we found out that few of them transformed into a cafe or restaurant business. That’s cool!

It is not a surprise at all, we knew that Chinese people are really good in business.

Some of the lunch we had.

Your Tai O visit would not be complete if you will not try the major tourist boat tour activity. Because of this, they are describing this place as Venice of Hongkong.

Advance reservation is not necessary. Once you reach place many would approach you for the ride at the cost of HKD30 or AED15.00 per person.

During the ride, we really thought that it would be a smooth sailing and calm. The helmsman knows how to turn the relaxing tour into an exciting one.

I was actually sleepy and daydreaming about life when he suddenly increases the boat speed. All of our senses suddenly came back to life as we are a little shock at the speed.

Some are a bit nervous but most of the passengers really enjoy it.

He just tour us around the island and shows us the newest project of Hongkong. It is the bridge that connects Hongkong to Macau by land.

After the 20 minutes ride, we went back to port happily and thankfully that we are all safe.

And that’s how we ended our Tai O Market / Fishing Village tour guys. A truly enjoyable one.

We had a lot of good memories on this journey. Foods, history and beautiful views are some of it but the most appreciated is the accommodating and kind Chinese people. Though there is language barrier it never became a hindrance for us to understands each other.

Hope you guys enjoy checking this travel blog. (video on my youtube channel)

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