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December 03, 2017 – Day 02-Part 03

We made this trip not to show you guys on how to explore Disney Land Hongkong in a cheap way. Instead, we want to share how Filipino Hongkong based enjoys their one day off in a simple way.

Prior to our Hongkong 2017 vacation, we never thought of visiting Disney Land with few reasons.

  • Hubby is not a Disney fan and not willing to spend bucks to buy a ticket for it.
  • Natural sceneries are more interesting to us than theme parks.
  • We rather use our time to explore each corner of the country we are visiting to learn their rich culture.
  • And lastly, I’ve been to Disney twice. The first one was in 2007 and the latest was 2011 and not planning for a 3rd visit for far.

Before our Tai O Village exploration ends we are thinking where would be our next destination. As it is too early to go back to the city.

Since we are already in Lantau Province brother came up with the idea of quick Disney Park Tour.

I agree with his reasons and found it interesting. As per him, this is my chance to see how Filipino/Filipina expat does during their day offs. Also, I can do a comparison of their life at Hongkong from Dubai.

What a brilliant idea! Definitely, this trip would be a great experience for us.

Hubby and I agreed with him. Both of us always say that Hongkong is one of the great countries to visit and explore if you would like to see and feel the meaning of being overseas Filipino workers.

But we are wondering why in Disney Park?

As per brother, it is unimaginable how HongKong looks like during weekend. Finding a place to hang out is a bit challenging as the city is really busy.

That is why some of our kabayans chose to go little far in a bit quiet place to unwind. Disney Park (outside Disney Land) is a good choice with no cost at all.

I saw a lot of fellow Filipino mixed with tourists and workers.

We had the chance to speak to few Filipinas at the park. You can see in their eyes the tiredness and sadness but still trying their best to give their beautiful smiles.

They are just at the park chatting with each other, enjoying even for a short time. As per them, Sunday is the only day they can breathe freely and laugh to the fullest.

Seeing them enjoying in a practical way with their home cooked meal pinched my heart. I felt teary coz I know that those OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) still think and consider their families even in supposed to be a fun day.

Their simplicity is such an inspiration for hubby and me. The simple act we saw moves us to assess ourselves if we are thankful for all the blessings we have.

Anyways let’s proceed on the tour before my tears flood. I will continue on my next blog all the appreciations and lesson we learned from Pinay/Pinay expat in Hongkong.

For now, here you go, let’s explore Disney Park in pinoy/pinay expat way.

From Tai O Village we took a bus, train to Sunny Bay station and from there is a connecting train to Disney Land.

Disney Land Train Station

Hubby and I picture with the Disney Land trademark.

This is a real lesson for everyone, all photos of OFW have reasons behind it. Don’t easily assume that they are rich or ripping off their money just because of the good photo you see. You never know if they really went “inside” or just outside wishing someday they can finally see what’s inside it.

From Disney Park, there is a free shuttle bus going to Disney Hotel. As far as I understood it is free if you have availed the Disney ticket.

But then it is surprising that it is free for all they don’t bother to check your ticket. All you have to do is to proceed to bus waiting area, ride with a smile and enjoy your day.

The bus stop from Disney Park to Hotel

The Disney Bus

Statues of Mickey & Minnie would welcome you in the hotel lobby.

I am so in love with these dazzling chandeliers.

View from the lobby The Disney Garden.

If you would notice those white chairs on the right side we witnessed a beautiful Chinese extravagant wedding that day.

Mickey’s Palace

The Disney Hotel

What an enjoyable day at Lantau province.

It makes sense why do fellow Filipino prefers to hang out in this area. The place is beautiful and peaceful compared to parks in the city.

Salute to all OFW Hongkong based you truly know how to enjoy life in practical ways.

In my next blog, I will be showing you guys the weekend life of many domestic helpers in the city. Additional to if how Hongkong Government shows considerations to them in those rest days.

Video on my youtube channel

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