My Hong Kong NgongPing 360 exploration is much sweeter in the third time around

December 03, 2017 – Day 02

I want to go to Hong Kong! why? to shop or to go to Disney Land.

These are the main reasons and interest of some people I’ve known who are planning to visit Hong Kong.

I told them that Hong Kong is not just about that. Hong Kong offers a lot of interesting places aside from the theme parks or shopping malls.

Personally, I would say that including Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride in your Hong Kong activity is exciting and fun.

However, this idea is not advisable for all. If you have a fear of height I don’t recommend trying this one. You will not enjoy the ride while closing your eyes. Unless you are willing to finally face your fear!

The ride last for about 25 minutes or a journey of 5.7 kilometers long.

So this is your personal choice and interest. But if you are like us who are a slight adventurous then this is a must try.

I’ve been telling my previous ride experience here to hubby long time back. I guarantee him that he will enjoy the ride and the view.

And again I am right. I really know what can impress him or not.

We went there on our second day we started our adventure as early as 07:00 am. From our guest house, we travel to Central Train Station to meet bro. Then we took the Tung Chung line towards Ngong Ping Cable Car area.

There are two types of cable car one is the normal cabin which is ideal for sightseeing.

While the other is more adventurous and thrilling it has a full glass bottom that makes one feel like flying.

All prices can be found on their website.

We chose the normal cabin as one of us are a bit nervous on the ride! I assure you guys it was not me.

From above you will see the natural beauty of Hong Kong, the view is truly a feast on the eyes.

If you have a plan in visiting Hong Kong soon try to check the Ngong Ping 360 website. Browsing it will give you more idea if this activity suits your interest.

If so I’ll guarantee that you will enjoy a lot and your Hong Kong experience would be complete and satisfying.

After the cable ride, it will lead you the Ngong Ping Village.

This is most known where you can find the big Buddha.

Many are expecting that this village gives an ambiance of the old city but it is not. Numerous of modern restaurants and shops are available in the village with a cute design.

One of the designs that capture my eyes is the below butterfly painting.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it since I am so in love with a pink color.


But among all, the high light of this place is the 268 steps that visitor eagerly climb. Either to visit the big Buddha or to see the boundless view of Lantau province and the South China Sea.

Hubby and I are panting when we reached the top. Though it took us ages were still glad that we made it.

Thankfully the climate was really nice it helps us not to notice much how tired we are.

Addition to our good memories of Ngong Ping 360 & Ngong Ping Village experience is these two new found friend of hubby.

They are such a lovely and sweet dogs.

My Hong Kong NgongPing 360 exploration is much sweeter in the third time around. Why? Because I am with my best travel buddy my hubby.

If you want to see our video please click here

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