UAE COVID Updated Penalties, Strictly Follow the Rules

UAE just announced the new list of fines for violators in their campaign combating Coronavirus

Let us all take this seriously and follow all times;

Updated fines and to be implemented on May 20, 2020

  • DHS 3,000     – Violating restrictions during the sterilization period
  • DHS 3,000     – Having more than 3 people in the car and not wearing masks
  • DHS 5,000     – Not wearing masks at work, offices (For Company)
  • DHS 500.00   – Not wearing masks at work, offices (For employee)
  • DHS 3,000     – Company failing to maintain 30 percent limit on the workforce at office
  • DHS 3,000     – Not maintaining Social Distancing at work or other places such as shops and restaurants (per person involved)
  • DHS 5,000     – Not maintaining Social Distancing at work or other places such as shops and restaurants (for Institution)
  • DHS 10,000   – Having a party or gathering (for the host)
  • DHS 5,000      – Having a party or gathering (for each attendee)
  • DHS 5,000      – Shops that operate beyond permitted times
  • DHS 5,000      – Refusing to comply for COVID test
  • DHS 1,000      – Refusing to redo a COVID test after 2 weeks
  • DHS 50,000   – Opening schools, gyms, cinema, parks, cafes, restaurants, pools
  • DHS 20,000    – Not placing Thermal cameras in the place where required
  • DHS 50,000    – Fail to comply with home and health quarantine
  • DHS 10,000    – Failure to download the smart app for tracking and failure to carry smartphones (for those who tested positive for COVID)
  • DHS 10,000    – Moving workers between Emirates, the vehicle will also be confiscated
  • DHS 30,000    – For organizing private lessons (even for free)
  • DHS 20,000    – For whoever provides his place for such private lessons

The timings of the National Sterilisation Programme has been changed to (from 8:00 PM – until 6:00 AM) starting May 20, 2020 – this is till further notice.

Sales outlets, which include meat and vegetable shops, fruits, toasters, mills, slaughterhouses, fish, coffee, and tea, in addition to shops selling nuts, sweets, and chocolate, will operate from 06:00 am till 08:00 pm.

Shopping centers will operate from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, adults above the age of 60, and children below 12 will not be allowed inside the mall.


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Follow at all times to avoid fines and problems.

At the beginning of this week, Dubai authorities announced a 24-hour lockdown to aggressively bring an end to Corona (COVID19). However, questions about the lockdown remain unanswered… Here is a list of the top 5 questions that are on social media:

1- Where can I apply for my permit?

You need to visit Permit to apply for the permission. The process is very simple and straightforward. You need your Emirates ID. Within the hour you should be receiving the approval or denial. I tried it and it took 10 minutes to have the approval to go for grocery shopping.

2- Do you need to hold on to your permit receipts as proof?

No. Your permit will suffice as your receipt. You must have a copy (screenshot) of the issued approval with you when you leave your home. Note, you could get stopped and asked to show your approval.  If you are driving, radars are working around the clock for two weeks and a special mechanism has been implemented to review all tickets issued during this period.

3- Can I take my pet for a walk?

No! However, according to Dubai Police, it is acceptable to take your pet out in front of your residence and for no more than ten minutes while taking the necessary precautions to ensure public safety.

4- What if I need medical assistance urgently?

You must apply for the permit. Hala Taxis are in operation and of course, you can call an ambulance.

5- Can I buy groceries?

Yes. You can. Again, you must apply for the permit and make sure you have a copy of it on your phone.

And ensure to have your grocery receipt copy in case of inspections.

Coronavirus in UAE: New list of fines for violating Covid-19

List of violations and penalties
-Dh50,000 fine for not complying with instructions of home quarantine.
-Dh50,000 fine for patients who refuse the mandatory hospitalization or failing to take the prescribed medicines despite being alerted.
-Dh50,00 fine for violating administrative closure of public places like shopping centers, malls, outdoor markets, gyms, public swimming pools, cinemas, clubs, parks and, restaurants with dining customers.
-Dh500 fine for people caught visiting the public places.
-Dh10,000 fine for organizing social gatherings, meetings and, public celebrations.
-Dh5,000 fine for people attending the social gatherings and public celebrations.
-Dh5,000 fine for not conducting a medical test upon request.
-Dh2,000 fine for violating precautionary measures set by the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention by people coming from nations affected by communicable diseases.
-Dh3,000 fine for failure to observe health measures regarding regulations of roads, markets and other public places exempted from temporary closure.
-Dh3,000 for failure to dispose of clothes, luggage or any temporary structures proved to be contaminated and can’t be disinfected by the standard established methods.
-Dh1,000 fine for not wearing medical masks indoors.
-Dh1,000 fine for unnecessary visits to hospitals and other health facilities.
-Dh1,000 fine for allowing more than 3 persons in car.
-Dh1,000 fine for not maintaining social distancing while walking.
-Dh2,000 fine for leaving home with no important work or a genuine reason.
-Dh3,000 fine for violating provisions of the law when burying or transporting the body of a person who died from a communicable disease.
-Dh5,000 fine for drivers failing to maintain hygiene and following sterilization procedures in public transportation.
-Dh10,000 fine for failure to take precautionary measures by the crew on ships

Note the permit is meant for emergency needs. It is not meant to give you the excuse to go out jogging or doing anything that can create public health concerns. It is highly recommended that you stay home!

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