Tips to Beat the Depression and Anxiety during COVID Lockdown

COVID-19 Lockdown tips I am doing to avoid anxiety and depression

Lockdown, quarantine, and isolation are just some of the normal words we are using at the beginning of 2020. Most of us worldwide are in this situation. We are at home not just because we don’t want to get a penalty if we will violate the “stay home” protocol. Instead, many of us are paranoid about getting the virus.

People are afraid, anxious and not sure about which step they have to do daily.

The COVID-19 crisis creates terrific stress globally.

Some of us might already be in 2, 3 weeks or even months staying at home. Since this is not our normal lifestyle, the isolation can give a negative impact on us that can cause depression and anxiety.

No doubts that all the stress happening around us is not really good in our mental health. As an individual, we have to ensure that our body and mind can get the proper care. There are some simple ways that we can do for ourselves:

Good Routine

A good routine even we are just staying at home is a good exercise for our mind. If some are currently working on home-based ensure to work within that working schedule and not to overwork. Apply the same practice as you are in normal working days, 8 hours work for your boss and the rest are for yourself and families.

If you are totally on vacation leave, you can do a good routine by allocating the time to important things. Ensure to get enough sleep, do productive activities like reading or watching an educational film.make a to do list everyday


It is normal to feel lazy when we are at home, but if we will not watchful our physical activities will be lessened. That would not be healthy both body and mind. At least once a day we need to find activities that we will be active and sweat. We need to remember that exercise is not just about losing weight or achieve that hot body. More important is, when we exercise our body releases a chemical in our brains that make us feel happy. And as well, it gets rid of chemicals from our brain that make us feel stressed and anxious.

Here is a great link for exercise practical tips while at home.

Covid tips exercise at home is needed

Filter the News

Being updated with the COVID news worldwide from time to time is fine. It might be helpful for some, while distressful for other people. Filtering the news we are feeding our minds is important as each one of us has different stress limitations. There is nothing wrong to pause from monitoring the news if you feel that you are getting emotionally affected by it.Covid tip limit monitoring the news

Social Media Limitation

Social media takes a lot of our time, many are guilty of spending tons of their time with this platform. However, we need to be watchful as social media contains a lot of fake news and uncontrolled details. At this stressful time, we need to be sure whether the information we are getting is based on fact. It is wise to set a realistic schedule of how many hours we can spend on our social media and follow it.Covid tip limit the social media a lot of fake news

Eat Healthily

Same as wanting to get rid of unhealthy information, we need to ensure feeding our body healthily. Since most of us have a lot of time why not take this chance of thinking and discover healthy, practical foods that we can have as well once we are back on normal days.Covid tips healthy food is important to fight depression


We are far from our families and friends by distance and the lockdown, but it doesn’t mean we need to feel alone. Our physical interaction may be limited but the different means of communication line cannot make us apart. In this crisis, talking and engaging with our loved ones is very important to avoid getting depression. Set a time to call and catch up with your loved ones, think of nice topics which are positive and encouraging.

video call to your parents

We may not be sure when can the world beat this pandemic, but at least we can do something for ourselves to beat the fear that stops us living.

OFW situations worldwide during COVID.
COVID19-stay positive


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