Quick 4 Hours Thailand Tour

I enjoy Thailand even just for 4 hours of stopover, how?

I went for a quick vacation last December 2016 in my beloved home country, and the ticket available is via Thai Airways which has 2 options.

  • Option 01 – stopover of 2 hours then connecting flight to Manila
  • Option 02 – a gap of 8 hours for a connecting flight to Manila

Thailand is an interesting country to explore, I want to have a quick tour but afraid as the four hours free time might not be enough.

Why 4 hours? I need to consider the time to spend in the immigration process and an allowance of 02 hours before the connecting flight.

So I searched a few forum pages and blog sites if someone has ever done this on their trip.  There are different comments I found, some want to stay in the airport but the majority prefer to explore.

Since I am passionate about exploring and try new things I chose the second option.

Anyways, it wouldn’t cost me any additional amount in the fare as the price remains the same.

I left Dubai by 09:30 PM my flight was smooth and fine, I enjoy a bit my “me time” alone. During my trip, my mind was so busy thinking about my upcoming agenda.

Some of my co-OFW who are bound to my country are excited as much as I am. Few of them will be exploring Thailand too for a few hours. They invited me to join them but my mood at that time is to explore alone.

I reached Suvarnabhumi Thailand Airport around 07:00 am their local time. Upon arrival at the airport I freshen up a while, then I proceeded to the Immigration counter. Filipinos are welcome to Thailand and no prior visa application required at all.

Since it was December, the busiest season of the world the queue in Immigration is a bit long.

Processing time last for an hour, entering their country for Filipino national is not that strict.

The immigration officer only asked for my connecting flight ticket, he checked and confirmed in their system. After that, the 14 days allowable stay has granted without any fee.

Before this trip, I already searched for an interesting place to go to. A lot of good places shown but I am afraid as my few hour stays wouldn’t be enough.

From the forum page that I’m always checking, I saw their input about this mall in the Lat Krabang area nearby the airport, Paseo Mall so, I decided just to roam around in this place.

Paseo Plaza Thailand

Paseo Mall is just 10-15 minutes away from the airport by taxi. The total amount I paid is BAHT 115.00 or AED 11.00 ( BAHT 65.00 taxi fare + BAHT 50.00 airport surcharge)

Paseo mall Thailand

The mall was still closed when I arrived, my one hour has been spent in the Chao Doi Coffee shop. I enjoy my pearl milkshake and pastries while reading my e-book about blogging. (Total amount I paid is AED11.00 with free WIFI)

The Paseo Mall is a simple shopping center with an outdoor bazaar.

I am not sure if the bazaar is regularly open or only during December. You can find a lot of cheap products such as clothes, shoes, bags and Thailand memorabilia.

I was overwhelmed by how affordable and cheap those products are comparing to Dirhams. Because of that, I bought a few stuff for my loved ones in the Philippines and Dubai.

I hope they will appreciate my simple presents, anyways it should be the thoughts that count. Filipinos are really thoughtful and giver, I am not saying about myself but most of the Filipinos.

No matter what their situations in life or where they are, they always remember to give to their loved ones.

So, fellow OFW let’s just think the other way round, that we should be grateful that we are the one who is giving at least in simple things we can make them happy. It is up to them if they won’t appreciate it.

I had my lunch by 11:30 am as I need to leave the place maximum 12:30 pm

There are many choices, either Chinese, Japanese, Korean foods even Pizza Hut and McDonald.

But instead of having my lunch in a restaurant, I chose to have it in one of the stalls.

Thailand restaurant

Authentic and freshly made Pad Thai is the best choice for me, it is tasty with an unbelievable price of AED5.50

Thailand authentic Pad Thai

I had a quick chat with local Thai people while having my lunch. At first, they thought I am a Thai as well. They are glad knowing I am a Filipina we are like a sister as per them. They are kind, accommodating and cheerful.

By 12:30 pm I left Paseo Mall to catch my flight. Taxi fare is much cheaper this time, it is BAHT 50.00, the driver is very kind and not taking advantage despite he knows I am a tourist, even the last coin for my change he gave me all. He deserves a tip, because of that, I gave him all my extra Bath currency. I know it is a small amount but you can see in his smile how grateful he was.

I enjoyed my minitour, my discovery & exploration, my 4 hours stay is worth it. It gives me a highlight of this country and a reason to come back soon, hoping to stay longer with hubby.

So to all co-Flipino Expat plan your trip ahead of time and ask Boss to provide you a ticket with a stopover either Thailand, Singapore, Hongkong or Malaysia.

Enjoy your exploration.

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