Honest food review at Little Bangkok Dubai

Dubai is a city that has it all.

We know that all the luxurious things we could imagine are for sure available in Dubai. But for now, let’s talk one of the many famous to found in Dubai “FooDies”

Since this city is a home for millions of expats. It is not a surprise at all to see different types of foods in the market.

From the European, Indian, Chinese, Filipino and a lot of different cuisines you can imagine are in Dubai. That is good at least we wouldn’t miss a lot our native dishes.

I do love exploring new things but when it comes to food I am not experimental. I felt my taste buds are good only for Asian cuisines.

Aside from our own foods, I do adore Chinese, Korean and Thai foods.

Among the three I am more on Thai foods as I love the spiciness and how they mix their ingredients. I tried different Thai food in Dubai either in fancy restaurants or the normal one in the mall’s food court. But this is my ever first time in Little Bangkok. I actually not interested in it as my Uncle’s feedback the food is not that great.

To be fair I have to give it a try. Hubby and I had our lunch in Oud Metha during his medical check-up at Health Care City. This is a good chance as their location is just opposite of the clinic.

The ambiance is relaxing with the vibrant colors of wall and lights decor.

The friendly Indian waiter welcomes us with a genuine smile. He was accommodating friendly and helpful staff.

I was excited to order my favorite pad thai and Khao Gai Tod for hubby. Addition to it we had a tom yum soup before starting our meal.

Pad Thai is a stir-fried noodle dish. It is common street food in Thailand and normally serves in local eateries.

Khao Gai Tod a crispy fried chicken with steamed rice drizzled with aromatic soya sauce

Tom Yum hot and spicy soup with prawns, mushrooms, and fragrant herbs.

Hubby and I finished our meal not because it is the best. Instead, we don’t want to waste this blessing.


However, I have to share our below total honest experience as a seasonal food blogger.

  • The staffs are good, friendly and giving an attention to their customers like I mentioned above.
  • The homey ambiance of the restaurant which I so love.
  • A good point if based on their advertisement that all their meals are MSG free.
  • I feel the price are so expensive if I will base on the food quality and taste.
  • Thai food serves in Mall of the Emirates Food courts taste are tastier than Little Bangkok.
  • Sorry to say but they change the image of my favorite pad thai.
  • Tom yum soup at Mall of the Emirates food court and Golden fork are better than this one.
  • When I asked hubby his feedback on his Khao Gai Tod he just told me ” It is not yummy”

I hope Little Bangkok would take our humble comment in a positive way to improve their food’s quality.

Their food menu for reference.



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