Thai Cuisine at Fuchsia Barsha Heights

I am always saying that I am on diet but constantly found myself in a restaurant trying and enjoying new foods. I really want to cook during my off but can’t control my itchy feet to go out and explore, I am not really a homebody type person, sorry for my hubby who loves to stay at home, a weekend is a roam around day.

We just went for a walk at The Palm boardwalk enjoying the last moments of this weather and watched the sunset, It relaxed both of us and we enjoyed this quality time together. Actually it was our monthsary, yeah though we are married for many years we still greet each other a happy monthsary not to count how many years we’ve been together but we just want to greet each other, it reminds us how happy we are on this date many years past, we didn’t plan it, it just happened and we used to do it.

For the dinner I was craving to eat spicy foods, supposed to be we will be having Korean foodies but end up with this Asian Restaurant, we chose to have Thai foods this time.

It is our first time in this restaurant called FUCHSIA, we are joking on how to pronounce it properly. It is located in Barsha Heights besides Geant Supermarket, they have an outdoor & indoor seating area. We chose to have our food serves inside the restaurant, the weather is a bit dry we know, we will sweat a lot on the spicy foods.

We love the food & the ambiance, we will definitely comeback and try their other menu.

Lemon grass drinks to refresh us

I love their Pad Thai the best

Fried Tofu with peanut butter sauce

Rice noodles with chicken in a spicy peanut butter sauce (Actually what I understood in the menu is it was Rice alone I didn’t notice the noodles word in it, but it is fine, but I more prefer the Pad Thai

Proof that we enjoyed their foods

Outdoor seating area, love the pink touch

Try to visit, the food price is reasonable and satisfying

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