Benguet Philippines our much needed vacation

Benguet Province so amazing and truly breathtaking!

Who will not agree that all of us deserve this, a relaxing and refreshing vacation once in a while.

Before the covid pandemic I was one of many OFW’s working so hard abroad, to have a quite long vacation is very challenging. Aside from the huge budget that you need to allocate, getting a vacation approval from company is very tough especially if its not yet your annual schedule.

When I’m reminiscing my younger days, I was thinking where I had been, what am I doing during those years aside from working and my regular schedule; it seems my exploration or discovering new things is unsatisfying.

One of the things I promise myself when I decided to work here again in the Philippines is I will make sure to include even a quick getaway in my schedule. I will explore Philippines as much as I can and create a very beautiful memories with my husband. I woudn’t want to regret again and say;  if I could turn back time I would go and see those places…

Now that year 2022 is about to end, I am very happy to see my year 2022 photo gallery is full of pictures with different places, some are the place that I’ve seen ages ago, while mostly are the place that I’ve never seen ever. Even some of them are just a simple place or restaurant nearby Manila but their nice view are all worth of our glance.

They are like a hidden gem that are waiting to be discovered.

Benguet Province

Before ending the year 2022 I made sure that hubby and I will go in a place that both of us never been before, and were so happy that we put this province on our top list, no regrets that we travel for so many hours – as the view of Benguet Province is just so amazing and truly breathtaking!


Date visited: November 28, 2022



Where we stayed at Atok Benguet



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