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A Simple Night Out at Dubai Creek Harbour

A lego block looks like, well made, organize and stunning. That is how you can describe seeing the different building design from afar.

Comparing to city of Dubai, their building views looks organize, well plan when you look at it all together.

One of the good spot to see these building views afar is from the Dubai Creek Harbour. From here you will see the other side view of Business Bay and Sheik Zayed Road buildings.

In the morning you will see clearly the different design and concepts. While during night it will show you how bright the city of Dubai is.

Dubai Creek Harbour is one of the project of Emaar Dubai, which is a hub of luxury residential building. They view this spot as one of the promising in many investors eyes.

While for a simple expat residence of this country, like me this place is one of the addition ideal spot to spend with during weekend.

You can simply enjoy your day or night here, a simple walk lounging at the benches is good enough to relax our body and mind for a while.

Fast food chains are available as well in case you want something for snack on a budget.

However, this place can only be enjoy during a colder season unless you are fine to sweat during summer time.

So, while the weather is good Guys lets maximize our time to enjoy Dubai with practical outdoor activity. Hangout at the beach or park are one of best things to do now.

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Enjoy your visit!

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