OFW – Overseas Filipino Workers has a lot of money

For many Filipinos the word abroad is not just a simple means of foreign land.

Instead it has a deep meaning that seems attached in our culture.

A word that every Filipino grew up with. Money, richness, abundance and hope are some of the ideas that Filipino view this word.

This might be true, as there are some who really succeed working abroad.

But this doesnt mean that if one got successful all will be.

It is always depends on the circumstances. No matter how good you are at work or kind this is not a guarantee that you will succeed like others.

It is just really depends on the situation, simple as it is.

United Arab Emirates is a hub of many overseas Filipino workers, seems all industries Filipinos are there. But Like what I mention not all these workers are successful or rich. Some of them are struggling and fighting their own problems.

One of the toughest scenarios I’ve encounter on the battle of many Filipinos here in Dubai is mental health concern

There are many Filipinos here who are actually suffering from anxiety and depression, but most are not open to talk about it. Because they know that our culture is not yet open about that.

They chose to keep it knowing many wouldn’t understand them.

Most of them came here without this sickness yet. We never know what would be causes of why they had suffer from this condition. Many factors might affect such as problems, trauma and more.

Personally Ive known few people here that are suffering from this sickness . Going back to Philippines is the first thing but also the last thing they would want to do.

First thing because they surely miss their strength, their families.

Last thing in the sense that they don’t want to be burden to the people relying on them.

They choose to stay and to fight no matter how hard. But sadly, despite this situation their families back home don’t fully understand them.

Instead of supporting them and let them feel whatever happen everything will be fine they are pushing them on the limit.

Non stop calls to remind their OFW family of their obligations to them are the torture some are experiencing. Providing materials support to our parents, siblings are really our obligations but what if one is getting weak and weaker what should be the solutions? What if that person is not totally in the good position now how they should handle it?

Sustaining the medical expenses of people having depression is not a small amount. Though we have a health insurance here, this condition is not part of the terms yet. The medical treatment expenses is totally a burden to patients, but they don’t have a choice.

That amount means of helping them to live normally and to hide their sickness from their employers.

But no matter how much we explain people will never understand, either they cant get it or don’t want to understand it for their benefit

The first reason why OFW chose to work here is to help their family, but what if something happened unexpectedly like depression how do that person fulfill his plan, they didn’t like it and never do it intentionally.

Understanding the whole situation and be thankful on what they can give is the best we can give to depressed person.

Be patient, and help yourselves back home to survive like what other depressed people are trying to do here. 

Torturing your OFW family by pressuring or blaming them for not supporting fully your needs is useless. You will not make the depressed person feels motivated with that. You are just adding a negative feeling to them. And you might not be knowing that you are making yourself a reason for them to end their life.

So be considerate and careful in dealing with people have this condition, this is not a joke nor drama this means LIFE.

Note: the depression I am pertaining to above is a clinical depression with suicidal thoughts. It is hard to understand them but lets do our best to be a friend to them.

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