Jumeirah Kite Beach 2019 – one of the best free in Dubai

We work to live and not live to work, for sure we heard this many times.

But still in reality most of us are doing the second phrase. We sometimes forget to be happy, relax, live, laugh for a variety of reasons.

Because of our busy schedule, sometimes during our day off, we prefer to stay at home. To do some house chores and to prepare for the following working days. Finding a time to have a quick break looks difficult as well.

It is understandable, but still we should not take advantage of our body and mind. Working for 5 or 6 days a week they deserve a break!

Maybe we just need to do some adjustments on our schedule, anyways we will be the one to suffer if we reach our stress level.

That is why I am thankful that UAE / Dubai offers different options of relaxation from the most expensive to the most affordable one. Or sometime even at no cost at all.

Many would agree that one of the best free things to do in this country is beach hopping.

Personally, this is one of the many things I am thankful about. Growing up in a province that less than an hour away from Philippine’s capital, accessible beach or beautiful sceneries are some of the things I am excited about.

I remember during my college days, I was always looking forward to each of our semester tour in different provinces. Beach, farm, and mountain are the best view for me.

Now that I am not so young anymore, looking back those memories makes me happy. Every time I felt drained I know how to cure it in a simple way. Go out somewhere close to the nature!

Beach side, hearing the waves makes me relax and felt that I am on actual vacation.

The difference when I was in my homeland I need to spend a lot to experience beautiful beaches. While here it is just a matter of sacrificing time and effort and I would have a chance to feel this beauty.

Below my video @ Kite Beach Jumeirah, hope you like it.


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