Breakfast with a view at Antipolo

Isn’t nice to have your breakfast with a relaxing view? Surely most of you will agree to that. If you are living in Metro Manila there are many places nearby province that you can enjoy this kind of view.

And one of many favorite is the Antipolo as it is just a few hours away from the city.

Like you, this is one of my places to go to every time I want to relax for a while. What else you can look for, this province is near whether by public transportation or by drive, on top of that you don’t need to spent a lot and you can enjoy your day close to nature.

In this month I’ve been in Antipolo twice, this must be a sign that I really need time to unwind. We really had a good time when we went to Hinulugang Taktak recently. The simple day we spent under the sun with the refreshing sound of waterfalls is so relaxing.

Last week, hubby and I finally had the energy to go out very early to have our sunrise breakfast. It’s been in our activity list for a long time but we couldn’t find a perfect time for it. And for a nocturnal person like me, this is a challenge! Hubby and I are happy to finally found time to do this, that morning gave us not just a strength but a positive feeling

waiting for the sunrise

At 0430am we are already on our way to Antipolo. However most of the restaurants opens at 0700am, thankfully we saw this El Kano Restaurant that opens as early as six in the morning.

When we came in they are just about preparing for the day, the staff are kind to welcome us in even though it is only 530am. While waiting for our food we sat down and enjoy this breathtaking view.   You can choose whether you want to have your meal from their indoor or outdoor area. Obviously, we chose to have our breakfast from their perfect spot.

By 6:00 am our favorite breakfast – tapsilog with brewed coffee is finally ready.

Each tapsilog is Php 200,00 while the coffee is Php 80 and ice tea is Php 60, with the size of their meal serving the price is very reasonable, on top of that you can enjoy your meal with this beautiful view.

After our sumptous meal we went home happily, and contented with our simple day spent together.


menu prices are subject to change

Disclaimer: This article is my personal travel no paid partnership or collaboration involved

Date visited: November 09, 2022

Do you also like spending your rest day in a practical way like me? follow me in discovering beautifully places nearby provinces without emptying your pocket.

Attractions in Antipolo


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