Hinulugang Taktak, Tayo na sa Antipolo

Hinulugang Taktak – Province of Rizal

Rizal province has many beautiful places to offer, there are tons of natural sceneries you can explore here. Mountains, caves, falls name it and you can found it!

Hinulugang Taktak was one of the many famous destinations here in Rizal, a 7- foot waterfall that you can found in Barangay Dela Paz Antipolo City.

This waterfall was a talk of the town in its prime years, it was one of the most favorite picnic spot early 1970s. Our parents definitely witness how beautiful this waterfall back then.

Sadly, the beauty of Hinulugang Taktak just became a history. For the past many years this has been neglected and became unpleasant to tourist.

Thankfully on 1990 Hinulugang Taktak declared to be a National Park and protected landscape in 2000. The local government gradually working out in reviving its beauty.

Despite the efforts, there are still lot of improvement to be done in Hinulugang Taktak. I am not sure if the LGU can still brought back the natural cleanliness and beauty of this place.

For now the park is still good for relaxing especially if you are looking for a place to unwind under many trees near Manila. The sound of waterfall will definitely give you a moment of peaceful and calmness you need to revive your energy.

In case you would like to swim, the park has its outdoor swimming pool as soaking under the falls seems not yet a good idea.

Hubby and I went here last week to relax for a while, we stayed in the park for 2 hours.  I can say that even the park has still more for improvement the relaxing sound of waterfall really boost my mood positively.

There are plenty of cottages that you can use during your stay here.

The hanging bridge and tree house are just some of the attractions that I super like. However it is close for maintenance.

Grab the chance for a minute of exercise in this stairs. Don’t understimate the shorts step as you will really sweat a lot climbing up.

We are also amaze how kind, respectful the staff are. They are very hospitable during our visit you can feel that they are really sincere in promoting the tourism in Antipolo City.

-Entrance fee is free for now until further notice

-Free parking available onsite

-You will notice that staff are eager in maintaining the place to be clean as much as possible, including the restroom.

-Be sure that you will be part of maintaining the cleanliness by being responsible on your own trash, if not huge penalty awaits you same if you are caught smoking.

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Date visited: November 04, 2022

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