My memorable Armenia vacation Day 01&02

Despite it is more than a year but seems it only happened yesterday. All the memories we had are still fresh in my mind.

Indeed that moment is a truly memorable vacation for all of us.

Our Armenia trip is really special for hubby and I as it was our first ever out of the country vacation (aside from Dubai & Philippines)

It was September 2016 during the Eid Holiday. Our vacation may be a bit short but the five days are totally maximized to the fullest.

Our trip looks extravagant as we almost explore each province of Armenia, But it was not. It is actually a practical, simple and adventurous one.

Practicality starts with the chosen accommodation, instead of staying in a hotel we decided to rent a two bedrooms apartment. Hubby and I stay in the king size bed while our friends in each Single bed.
The location was perfect as it is walking distance to a lot of shops, cafe, park, and restaurant. It is about 10-15 minutes walk to Republic Square. While the house itself deserves a thumbs up for a recommendation. It is clean, comfortable beds and pillow, complete with basic kitchen amenities and cleaning utensils. Aside from it, the hosts are so kind, accommodating and always ensuring that we are comfortable on our stay.
Because of this setup, we could say that we save a lot especially in food spent. There are days that we are having our dinner or breakfast at the apartment while all the lunches our outside.
 And for the flight ticket, we got a good deal from Fly Dubai at the cost of AED 800.00. That roundtrip journey price is really a good catch my hard work of searching online every minute is worth it.
No matter how late upload this post, I still would like to share you guys the itineraries we had during that trip. Who knows this might help if you are planning for Armenia vacation soon.
 Day 01:
-We left Dubai around 12:00 noon and reached Yerevan after almost three hours of flight time.
-Filipinos can obtain a visa upon arrival in this country which is great. We spent our almost one hour in processing our papers as there is a long queue of tourists that time.(Visa fee is around AED26.00)
-The language barrier is a bit challenging as the immigration officers are not that well English speakers. Patience and respect are the keys for both of us to understand each other.
-Our host picked us up from the airport and assisted us very well till reaching their place. It took us a 15-20 minutes travel time in total.
-Our 05 nights house finally welcomes us. We are happy with the apartment looks like. It was the exact picture and description I saw from

After an hour of resting and snacks, we decided to start exploring this city by Walk.

Park right in front of our apartment.

I can really feel that I am in an old city with this structure.

Republic Square known locally as Hraparak is the central town square in Yerevan the capital of Armenia.

Republic Square Night view

The Architecture ensemble includes the Government House, the History Museum, National Gallery, Armenia Marriot Hotel and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Transport and Communications.

Yerevan Cascade

The Cascade’s exterior features multiple levels adorned with fountains and modern sculptures.

There are lots of cafes and restaurants serves Armenian Dishes in this area.

Park near Yerevan Cascade

Alexander Tamanyan Statue

After fulfilling our eyes exploring Yerevan City we have to fulfill our tummy too. We had our first Armenian dinner at Old Erivan walking distance as well from our apartment.

Old Erivan Restaurant

The night ended with a sumptuous meal and tasty wine at Old Erivan Restaurant.

Appetizers before anything else

DAY 02:

Our second day starts as early as 07:00 am. All of us got up from the bed and had our quick homemade breakfast.

09:00 am sharp our tour guide rang our doorbell. All of us are excited to dig deeper on what Armenia can show us more.

Our First stop is in Tsaghkadzor Ropeway an ideal first activity of the day. The thrill we had riding in this open cable car really boost our energy.

We really had fun trying this exciting ride. The ticket cost is reasonable for the experience it will give you.

I couldn’t imagine I survived on this open ride cable car. It takes me almost 5 minutes to calm down!

You can enjoy your time freely as the ticket has no timing expiration enough time for you to enjoy this view.

How I wish life would be as peaceful like this view

Horsey’s feels comfy with my hubby! such a good guy even the animals love him 🙂

I am just happy!!

We left the place around 11:00 am for our next stop at the Sevan Lake.

The view in Sevan Lake is really amazing and relaxing. I don’t know how I felt that time as I was really overwhelmed and happy.

It may sound exaggerating but we were really mesmerized by the view. We felt that we had been in a place where everything is manmade and losing the presence of God’s natural gifts to mankind.

After the sightseeing, we had our simple lunch at the restaurant with a terrace overlooking the Lake.

The fish are really tasty and fresh.

 Found these interesting pieces good for souvenirs. Unfortunately, bringing this heavy stuff would definitely unpractical for OFW like us.

Last major stop for the day is the Dilijan National Park.

Thousand of trees and fresh mountain waters are the memories we had in this park.

Maybe some of you are wondering why hubby has a bandage. He got on accident 2 weeks prior to our flight but with the doctor approval we still pursue on this travel plan.

Feels so relax despite a sunny time.

Our guide was so generous though we told him were fine he still insisted on treating us a snack. It is cool experiencing eating their local corn along the road. Many tourists from the bus are staring and looks want to try it too. Unfortunately, buses are not permitted to stop in this area.

We definitely had a right decision to rent a private car rather joining a group bus tour. Why? aside owning our time we got a chance to explore Armenia in Armenian simple way.

DAY 03&04 Continuation

My Memorable Armenia Vacation Day03&04

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