Bonifacio Global City a Prosperous City of the Philippines

Bonifacio Global City a Prosperous City of the Philippines

Many Filipinos who are out of the country for a long time are not aware of the different changes and development in the Philippines.

Though they are following up on the local news or taking a vacation once in a while, there are still places that they haven’t been explored yet. And sometimes, they are surprised by the big changes of one place.

Bonifacio Global City is one of the many places that look so impressive with its development.

I guarantee for those who haven’t seen this place yet, you will feel the same I felt seeing it for the first time. Speechless with open eyes.

Though I already heard of this place before and seen few clips from social media platforms, I never had the chance to drop by in this city from all the recent trips I had in the Philippines.

Since I am now based in the Philippines, I have all the chances to see the places that are unfamiliar to me then.

When I first saw Bonifacio Global City, it was really impressive. I was even thinking hard about how long I’ve been away from the country.

The country that I was imagining the same as a decade ago is really improving and prospering. The building and state concept is having the same modern vibe as some rich countries.

While I was walking around at the Bonifacio Global City, I am embracing its ambiance, and comparing it to the few beautiful countries I’ve seen. And I could say that this area has the same level.

The roads are smooth, and the surroundings are clean with modern style.

If you are looking for a nice place to spend your day walking outdoor, relaxing under the sun this place is very ideal.

Some of the experience you can expect at Bonifacio Global City

  • A different international restaurant that serves its best meal
  • Tons of cafe

  • You can find here some of the International brands that are not available in a normal shopping mall

Bonifacio Global City modern building

  • Many outdoor activities to enjoy either adult or child

Bonifacio Global City bike

Bonifacio Global City adult activities

Bonifacio Global City childrens activities

  • A nice place to do your street photography

  • Modern building view
  • You will see here all the luxurious cars that you don’t normally see across the Metro Manila
  • And you can experience walking in the city with different nationalities living here in the Philippines.

Yes, in this part of the country various nationalities walking around the city are normal. They are foreigners who have a real estate investment in BGC condominiums and chose to live here. Some of the nationalities I’ve seen are British, European, Indian, Korean, and Chinese.

Bonifacio Global City sunset

Seeing these foreigners enjoying their lives in our country, moves me to appreciate more how beautiful our country is.

Planning to drop by in Bonifacio Global City anytime? please take some to read the below. These are some of the common city rules you need to remember.

City Rules

Pedestrian Safety

No obstruction on city streets for smooth traffic. This happens when you:

  • park in no-parking zones
  • wait with cars idling on the street
  • block the street with a stopped car



We all use the road to get somewhere so remember to:

  • SLOW DOWN to 5kph when approaching a no signal intersection and come to a FULL STOP before proceeding
  • Look both ways before turning a corner
  • Walk with a decent pace across the street


Let’s help our tireless maintenance crew by picking up after ourselves

  • Pick up your pet’s poop and dispose of it properly

Tree wells are for trees. Take your cigarette butts with you and dispose of them in the nearest trash bin

Photo Friendly

It’s okay to take photos & videos for personal use but:

  • Shot permits are required for professional sessions (prenups/birthday shoots, commercials, AVPs, etc.)

For security reasons, taking photos of banks, schools, embassies, and the like are strictly prohibited

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Points to note:

  • No chain, no parking allowed
  • Secure your bikes properly and do not leave any valuable items on them
  • Park your bike in designated bike parking only

Wondering how and when this sustainable city started? let’s read their brief history.

Bonifacio Global City fountain

History of Bonifacio Global City


Bonifacio Global City was once part of a multi-hectare portion of Taguig that the United States government acquired in 1902 and operated as a military base. Christened Fort McKinley after US President William McKinley, it was the headquarters of the Philippine Scouts, the Philippine Division of the United States Army.

In 1949, three years after the Philippines gained political independence from the United States, Fort McKinley was turned over to the Philippine government. By 1957, it was made the permanent headquarters of the Philippine Army and renamed Fort Bonifacio after Andres Bonifacio, the Father of the Philippine Revolution against Spain.

In the 1990s approximately 240-hectares of Fort Bonifacio was turned over to the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA) to facilitate the conversion of former US military bases and Metro Manila camps into productive civilian use. By 2003, Ayala Land, Inc. and Evergreen Holdings, Inc. entered into a landmark partnership with BCDA to help shape and develop Bonifacio Global City – an area once synonymous with war and aggression – into the amiable, nurturing, world-class business and residential center it is today.


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