Hidden Tapsi – The Best Tapsilog in Bacoor Cavite

Hidden Tapsi since 1990, the Best Tapsihan in Bacoor Cavite 

If there is one set meal that many Filipinos love so much is none other than Tapsilog. This is a great meal to enjoy either breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

I guess this is the reason why here in the Philippines, on every corner you can find a simple Tapsihan that serves a different style and taste of this simple yet satisfying meal.

In Cavite, I already share with you guys different restaurant that serves Tapsilog. From Alimah Taps to Cocina sa Garaje

But these two are not as old as the best Tapsihan I knew in Cavite.

The Tapsihan that many 90’s kids grew up with.

Hidden Tapsi has been catering to Caviteno for a long time, since 1990. The last time I had my meal here was mid-2000, I couldn’t even recall exactly which branch it was. All I remember was their Tapsi is really famous in Bacoor Cavite.

Last March 07, after my meeting somewhere in Cavite, I didn’t miss the chance to once again try their Tapsilog.

And, guess what, they never disappoint me. The taste is still great and nothing changes, I was with my husband at that time, I am so proud sharing him how famous this Tapsihan was in our town. Even hubby likes so much the taste of their Tapsilog and as well their Lomi.


Hidden Tapsi Restaurant Ambiance

Hidden Tapsi is a simple and homey Tapsihan. There is no extra exciting to expect when it comes to their interior decorations. However, Hidden Tapsi will provide you the important factors, which are cleanliness, coziness, and great food.


The entrance. Hidden Tapsi is along the Tirona high-way Bacoor. You can park your car in front of the restaurant

Hidden Tapsi menu


Our Hidden Tapsi Meal 

Hidden Tapsi Tapsilog

Their Tapsi has a right taste balance, not salty nor sweet. It is perfect specially blending with their own spicy vinegar. And the best part for me is it doesn’t have a lot of fatty chunks like other tapsihan.

We were so hungry the time we arrive in Hidden Tapsi, and to start our meal we need to have a hot soup and Lomi would be always the best choice.


Hidden Tapsi lomi


If you would pass by Cavite and looking for a decent and affordable Tapsihan, I suggest you to try this restaurant!

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored, all my comments are based on my personal experience.



Credit: https://foodicles.com/silog-history/

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