Affordable with a Nice View Restaurant at Antipolo – JCL Grill

Nice View Restaurant at Antipolo – JCL Grill

If you are living in Metro Manila, for sure Antipolo is one of your top choices for a quick getaway.

This place is popular not just because it is nearby the capital but because of its beautiful and relaxing scenery.

Despite Antipolo’s infrastructure are growing, there are still many spots here where you can enjoy natural views

You just have to research in advance to see their hidden gems before coming here.

If you want to relax your mind for a while from the crowded and noisy place of Manila but do not have enough time to travel far, or spend a lot; Antipolo is there waiting for your footstep to give you a new, simple, but memorable experience.

There are many things you can do and see in Antipolo. However, my goal is to share with you the simple and affordable you can do while enjoying your day.

What else it can be?  my favorite, spending my day in a cafe or restaurant with a good view. Maybe this sounds boring for you, but this is the best and relaxing for me.

Having a nice meal even not the lavish one in a place that provides me peace of mind, relaxing ambiance is more than enough for me to energize and boost my mood.

Last weekend, Hubby and I went to Antipolo after a long, stressful, and busy week. It’s been a while since the last road trip we had, and finally, we find the perfect time.

Spending a lot is the least we would want to do at this time. So I did my research in advance where we can relax our day not spending a dime.

What we were planning to go to was Cafe Katerina. I thought it is in Antipolo according to the information I got from the internet. However, while driving for quite a long, I felt that the cafe location is a bit far. (we are basing on our GPS) I was doubting if we shall continue with our trip since we are trying to avoid as much as possible driving too late.

Were still about 20KM away from that Cafe when I saw these Nipa Huts that caught my interest.

I told hubby to check this out, if the place and view are nice it will be practical for us not to proceed with our initial plan. It was already 4:00 PM then, if we will reach the place at night, it would be useless as my purpose is to Eat while my eyes are feasting in natural scenery.

The staffs are so friendly and welcome us with smiles and full of energy. Though the food options are not what I am craving for that day, we chose to spend our few hours here. Why? I really like their outdoor concept, I wouldn’t miss the chance to have my snack at one of their nipa huts.

From their food options, pansit is the best for us at that moment. This full plate is good enough for 2-3 people that cost for only Php 200.00

The best part of my meal was sipping a brewed coffee while feeling the cold breeze air.

We really had fun as everything went according to my plan. Which are; to find a restaurant with a nice view, relaxing ambiance, and affordable food options.

At this hard time, what matters is not about finding an extravagant place to relax on but finding a place that will free your mind from all the stresses even just for a while.

Nice view restaurant in Antipolo


Nice View Restaurant at Antipolo – JCL Grill

The favorite spot of JCL Grill customers

Nice view restaurant in Antipolo jc grill

Nice view restaurant in Antipolo jc grill outdoor

Nice view restaurant in Antipolo boat shaped

Are you planning to visit Antipolo soon? maybe you would want to try this place too.


Alternative to Antipolo near to Quezon City

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