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Welcome to Marikina City!

Marikina,  is famous for its big contribution to the shoe industry of our country. Because of their success in the shoe business, it is just right to name Marikina as the shoe capital of the Philippines. 

Producing a nice pair of real and quality leather shoes and sandals at an affordable price is their pride. If you would walk around their alleys, you will notice a few simple and small shops displaying those beautiful footwear products made of leather.

Aside from this trademark, this city holds consistently the title as “one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines”

While driving around you would see that Marikina is a progressive and wealthy city than to their neighboring district. Maintaining the cleanliness of roadways, signage, and public places such as the wet market is a challenge. But Marikina did a great job about this part.

Marikenos surely are so proud of this city’s good image.

Marikina City Point of Interest

There are lots of interesting places you can see in this city. Asides from different shoe factories, museums, bunch of food hubs, there are few old houses are restore to be a beautiful cafe, these are just some places that are worth visiting.

While Marikina River Banks is the top favorite attractions of residents and many visitors.

RiverBanks is ideal for everyone, they ensure to provide interesting stuff for all ages.

If you are a fan of thrift shopping you can visit the River Bank’s outdoor Tiangge between the mall and the park. Or you can also enjoy shopping at the mall itself with branded stuff like Guess, Mossimo, and more.

Don’t worry about food tripping as they have a variety of food stalls in the mall for a quick bite snack. While their food court offers a heavier meal, from Sizzling Pinoy meals to Chinese noodles soup.

And the most favorite of many from River Bank is the River Banks, Outdoor Park. Same with them it is my top favorite spot in Marikina.

It is nice to stay here if you want to relax even for a short time. You can meditate while taking a simple walk, or energize with a little run appreciating the natural green scenery.

For the past week, I was a bit busy to give time for a free day. But since I went to Antipolo yesterday for a meeting, I didn’t miss the chance of dropping by at Marikina Riverbanks as it is the same way going back home.

We chose to have our lunch at the River Banks Food Court. Hubby and I crave for a sizzling sisig. We tried the chicken and bangus sisig from Sizzling boy. Chicken for hubby while bangus for me.



And to quench our thirst from the hot weather, we bought two bottles of Buko Shake.

After our satisfying lunch, we head up to the park. And here you go the view of the RiverBanks Park.

The park looks so alive with those colorful flowers.

My 3 hours of stay at River Banks relax my mood to end this week positively.


  • Car parking has a fee of Php 25.00 per day
  • I have no comment about the cleanliness of the park, as it is really good. But when it comes to the river please don’t expect so much from it. Nothing so special aside from the tons of Janitor Fishes.
  • One of the famous outdoor activities back then is touring around the RiverBanks while on a boat, but they are not operating so far.
  • Due to COVID Pandemic, the outdoor Grill restaurants are closed for now. I am not sure when it will be open. Those outlets serve a variety of barbeques from meat to seafood options.
  • Timing and Services are all subject to change because of the COVID19 Protocols.


Thanks for dropping by!

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