Spicy noodles challenge knocks us down

We are a bit late on trying this spiciest noodle but as the saying goes by it is better late than never.

I’ve seen many vloggers countless time in different social media platform tried it and do the challenge to eat it. Watching them was fun but makes me think if its real or they are just exaggerating it.

I crave a lot and imagining how spicy it is. Unfortunately, I am unable to find one in a local market that time.

One of the factors I considered a meal delicious is, it should be spicy. Every time I cook and eat, fresh chili, chili paste or hot sauce should be around to complete my meal.

My husband always nags every time I am putting a lot of chili paste on my meal. He is a bit worried on my tolerance in spicy foods and asking me to lessen it.

Because of this, most people thought I am from Bicol but not (Bicol is a province from my country popular for spicy food) Actually my husband is the Bicolano.

Just recently I found this product in Carrefour shop. to end my curiosity I decided to buy it.

Last Saturday I challenge hubby to try it and he excitedly agreed.

Since both of us are always busy at work and doing our hobbies the only chance to do it is during Saturday I prepared it along with our brunch. It is actually dual purpose first to do the challenge, second maybe if it’s tasty we can partner it with rice.

Hubby is such a competitive guy he started the game and eats fast I guess he took 3 consecutive full spoons of noodles. Suddenly he felt the extreme spiciness and hot feelings.

He panics and doesn’t know what to do and what to drinks to lessen the hotness. I was laughing so much and coughing a lot. The words that we keep on saying are yeah, it is true this is really spicy!!!

We didn’t even finish one pack of it no matter how much we try to eat it we can’t really bear it. Though we feel guilty we don’t have any choice but to throw it.

This noodle is indeed a challenging one and I guess made for that purpose instead of eating it.

I can’t believe this noodle knocks me down this is the spicy noodles I will never ever buy again 🙂

Every time we are watching our video it makes us laugh so much hubby and I really enjoy the game.

In case you would like to see our video, please click this link to my youtube channel (Tagalog only)


At first try, you will not feel how spicy it is. But don’t be overwhelmed, this will make you cry and go crazy after a while.
Do not try it if you have heart problem hubby felt palpitation.

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