Chin Chin Restaurant International City Dubai

Way back 2008 I just landed in UAE and that time Filipino restaurants are literally few.

As far as I remember the accessible are Tipanan, Delmon, and Salt & Pepper. Unfortunately, I was residing in Al Mina and it is a bit far reaching those areas.

I need to take bus or taxi as there is no train yet that time. Ohh I can’t imagine how hard the means of transformation back then.

So most of the time our savior in our hunger every time we felt lazy to cook is the Chin Chin restaurant. It is just opposite of my workplace and 5-10 minutes walk from our accommodation building.

We normally ordering their mixed fried rice as in only the rice.

Then my friend and I will share the cost. Our life back then was so simple we are so careful in spending every dirham. Due to the fact that we just landed in Dubai converting the bill into pesos makes us forget the hunger.

I am glad that I am able to eat again their meal. Their new branch in International City opened in Pavilion City.

Last Thursday hubby and I chose to have our dinner outside as I don’t have any energy to cook. Cooking is really a challenge for a working couple all over the world.

We ordered their lunch set meal (This is what they called the platter but also available for dinner).

It is a huge serving at the cost of AED 30.00. I guess it is good for two ladies but would not be enough for heavy eater like hubby and me.

The restaurant has a good ambiance the bright red color painted wall makes the place looks classy. Addition to that the vibrant chandelier adds good effect on the interior.

We went there around 9:30 PM and there are still few people enjoying their weekend night.

Once again Chin Chin saves me from hunger.

The service is fine and the staffs are friendly but the food preparation is a little bit slow. We waited for our foods to be ready for almost 30 minutes though the wait is worth it. As the foods are good but I hope they can speed it up a little 🙂


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