Eat and Drink Restaurant – food never changes.

Finding a quality affordable restaurant is still possible in one of the most expensive countries to live in (UAE).

One of them is the Eat & Drink Restaurant. Food prices are reasonable while maintaining their good market reputation in terms of hygienic and cleanliness.

I am not sure though if many expats are aware with this outlet. In my case where I initially work around Jumeirah this humble restaurant is very familiar.

This is the first restaurant I tried during my fresh years in Dubai. I must say the taste of their grilled chicken and prawn fried rice never changes.

And to start the year of 2019, hubby and I decided to have our dinner in Eat & Drink Restaurant Sharjah Branch. We ordered the same food that we normally eat before. Of course, the grilled chicken & fried rice for me while the soup service for hubby.

Our order seems a little portion for other nationalities like Arab or Indians. But for a petite Asian like hubby and me this serving is a bit heavy.

With a total bill of AED 65.00 for two, comparing it if we ate in a fast food chain this is worth it.

We ended the dinner with yummy Avocado Shake and Falooda ice cream. I am not exaggerating but our full tummy had a hard time finishing it. We really felt full.

After our tasty simple dinner, we went home and gave our cat “bob” a walk. I guess we need a 30 minutes-walk to digest the food we had.

How about you guys, do you know any simple, good and affordable restaurant in this expensive city? Share it with us so we can give it a try:)

In a place where spending tons of money dining out, we can still enjoy it in a simple way.

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