Spicy chocolate chip cream @ starbucks makes me feel better

One chocolate chip cream, small size, spicy…..  the crew stared at me with confused reaction, when he realized I am joking he laughed and smile genuinely, I know the crew in fast food, cafe are really tired especially at night as they have a longer time of work and always on shifting schedule. I’m always trying to joke with them a little way of making them feel appreciated. I can still joke despite my negative thoughts!

I am caffeine addict whether it is instant 3 in 1 coffee, soda, chocolates etc. When I am feeling sad sweets and coffee makes me feel better that’s the reason why I visited coffee shop though it is a late night.

Lately, I do really feel gloomy, maybe because of the stress at work as we are loaded with events since the beginning of the year. I supposed to post this blog last Sunday as I did the draft when I was in Starbucks Sheikh Zayed road, it was 10:46 pm I am dead tired but still don’t want to go home.

My stress is not only working related but involves a lot of personal problems. Actually, I am not confident in sharing it as I’m not sure if people would understand my situations. But I think, I have to, to help those people suffering from the same problem, according to the doctor I had spoken, many Filipino expats suffer as well with the same issue. But our culture, nationality is not educated enough with this kind of illness, we are not yet open to discussing this kind of health issue.

It is a bit complicated, I need more time to write it and analyze where I would start. Hopefully, I can share it in my next blog, my dilemma for almost 4 years, for now, I will share you my comfort sweets at Starbucks while enjoying the view of SZR.

Always for chocolate chip cream!!!


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