Dinner at Max’s Restaurant bring back old memories

Many Filipino restaurants are all over Dubai but one of my favorites is Max’s restaurant second is Pampangueno’s located in Ansar Mall Karama. I feel proud seeing many Pinoy restaurants are being successful in this foreign land, it gives me smile seeing many Pinoys are supporting our own.

I am craving with their fresh lumpia, I really love the sauce of it, delicious. I invited my mom’s friend for a dinner, she visited Dubai for 3 months to take care of her granddaughter and she is set to fly back to our beloved country by next week, I asked her if she wants to try Max’s as this is closed to her place and aside from it I really want to have my dinner here 🙂 and she excitedly agreed. Then, while having our dinner she told me that she is a fan of Max’s ever since, during her college days she had her OJT in the main branch of Max’s in Quezon City, she was assigned to the kitchen as part of her curriculum as she is taking nutritionist course.

She shared with me the secret recipe( just kidding), she shared me few history of this restaurant, she told me that the family is really careful in preserving their secret recipe. She was glad that she was able to try the Max’s in Dubai as she didn’t know there is a branch in here.

We only have light meal as its a bit late when we arrived, we ordered their meal platter, pancit lug lug, warm calamansi juice for the cold weather, turon with vanilla ice cream & coffee for our dessert as per her the tastes are really the same 🙂

**Welcome to Max’s Restaurant**

**Indoor seating area**

**Outdoor Seating area**

**Both of us has the same order, we both love their fresh lumpia & chicken**

**Love their calamansi warm juice**

**Love it, this is my first time to try their turon with vanilla ice cream**

**This will be one of my comfort foodie**

**Cappuccino & caramel bar completes my craving**

**Ube macapuno cake makes me feel sad, I miss my Dad this is his favorite**

I remember when I was still working in the Philippines, during Friday, my Dad and my bro is always picking me up after work as this is our bonding weekly dine out date and normally we are having our dinner at Max’s Ali Mall Cubao. Miss you dad see you soon!!



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