Living in a Shipping Container House in The Philippines, is it good?

Shipping Container house Philippines

Every person has their dreams, and reaching it is a victory.

In material aspects, many believe that owning a house is really something you would be proud of. This mentality is not only in our land but all over the world.

This is actually one of the top factors why we are working hard. We know that building a house is not that easy a lot of sacrifices have to do to achieve it. But everything will be worth it once we reach that goal!

Having our own house will give us these security feelings. Secure in a sense that we are confident in case something bad happens we have a sure roof to live in.

We never know the stability of our work and economy, that is why we want to plan ahead of time.

Considering my young age I personally chose to work abroad because of my plan to buy my own house. I know working abroad will give me a better income and this will fasten building my plans.

Sounds as if I was aiming for an extravagant mansion. Contrary to your imagination I was only dreaming of a simple and small house.

I was actually imagining my self, living in a small row house with a couple of cats. That house I think would cost me Php 400,000 – Php 500,000 at that time. It is a huge amount for a young single lady like me. Also, I knew that many Filipina Expat workers here in Dubai end up being an old maid. Seeing myself growing old with someone seems unrealistic so a big space is not necessary.

Aside from those reasons, I know how expensive it is to build a beautiful house. So, instead of dreaming big, I chose to be realistic and practical. I would rather imagine my plan which is feasible instead of impossible.

Lets fast forward a bit.

I was wrong seeing my self as an alone and unmarried lady. A lifetime partner, one of the gems I found here in Dubai I felt so blessed.

Right after our wedding, we decided to start planning our dreams. Of course, my dream house has changed into bigger and better compared to my previous wants.

As a start, we got land in Rizal province for an installment basis for up to 5 years. We are so excited at that time and so impulsive. We never realize that we are unsure yet where we really want to settle for good. Is it better in Rizal or in his province Bicol? Since we have enough income we acquired as well a small land in his town.

Hubby and I are so thankful that we manage to pay them both in time.

And my much-awaited 2018 came. Thinking that we would be able to go to the second step of our plan.

“Build the house”

It is on our pipeline to start either beginning of 2019 or 2020. The first project should be in Bicol with below actual render photo.

Designed by our architect friend

Sadly, due to an unforeseen situation hubby lost his regular job. Our current income including his few part-time online job salary is just good enough for us to survive in this expensive city. Aside from the daily expenses, we have a few pending loans to pay as well. And as an OFW we need to consider planning our retirement funds too.

Moving to the second step seems so challenging for us. What a tough year!

Because of these worries, I started to check an alternative plan. I did research on the internet and youtube channel about the idea of building a practical small house.

We have to remain positive despite the economic challenge we are facing so far. I guess there is nothing wrong that we want to have one ready shelter for us in case we unexpectedly go to the Philippines for good.

Watching a lot of youtube channels, I saw a concept of shipping containers transformed into a tiny house. Those videos are mostly based in the USA.

Out of curiosity, I checked if there is one exist in the Philippines. And, yeah I found few channels and pages. Some even made it as a dormitory, offices, or even a resort.

To cut my long story, hubby and I found it interesting. According to him he already told me that idea a long time back referring to his mini office plan soon. I couldn’t remember he told me that though.

Lately, I am being so addicted to watching those videos. It is amazing to see they built the 40ft container into a tiny beautiful house. But for me, I guess that size is not that small at all. It actually seems good enough to have everything you need in a home. Plus I would have extra spaces for my lawn to plants or just an area to hang out with good friends.

I actually saw a lot of beautiful designs, and so far below are I think considerable to the Philippines.

Shipping Container house Philippines simplicity

Shipping Container house Philippines this is cool

Shipping Container house Philippines Idea 2

And soon we can expand it if needed by adding one top on it or attaching a smaller one down.

Shipping Container house Philippines Idea 1

Shipping Container house Philippines simple plan

But still, these are all on plans yet. We are not totally sure if these options is better or to go to a traditional house plan.

This time we are so careful about doing any decisions. We should not be the same person 6 years back. Gradually we are studying this project, doing some research, and asking for some advice.

My concerns if anyone of you has an idea please drop me your comment.

-Anyone of you in the Philippines is living in this type of house, if so how is it?
-Do I need any related permits to build this type?
-Do I need to check in the subdivision it this plan is possible in our property?
-Where can I get a brand new container of 40 ft and 20 ft size?
-Is this a really good option?
-Is it safe?

-Shipping Container house Philippines is it really possible?

If there are contractors for Shipping Container house Philippines reading this blog please feel free to send me your thoughts or offer.

Shipping Container house Philippines nice

I really appreciate your feedback guys, thanks so much 🙂

Note: All photos used (except the 1st one)  are not mine. Credit to the owners (just found it in from google image)

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