Mouthwatering foods we enjoyed at Hong Kong

No wonder why I am feeling tired and seems my body need a quick break again. Couldn’t believe how fast 2018 is for me.

Felt it is just yesterday but it is actually 8’months ago since our last vacation. That makes sense why I feel my knees are shaking a bit everytime I’m on my car seat. Been working on continues eight months already (except weekend) and couldn’t wait for my upcoming annual vacation.

While waiting for my next vacation I am enjoyingly checking our previous trip’s photos and video. By this, my mood’s is getting positive. Remembering those happy and relaxing days is definitely fun.

Like these mouthwatering foods that we really enjoyed in Hongkong.

Hubby and I miss that stress-free day, the place and most especially their good foods.

Not all may agree with me. But, I think a twice a year vacation is the best way to balance our working life. It doesn’t mean an out of the country or expensive trip. Instead, a simple short break to unwind, meditate is good enough to refresh our feelings.

Taking care and rewarding ourselves is important so we can continuously take care and provide for our loved ones.


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