COVID-19 Free food in Philippines Hotel Quarantine Facility

COVID-19 Free food in Philippines Hotel Quarantine Facility

COVID-19 Free food at the hotel quarantine facility provided by OWWA.

This blog is the continuation of my quarantine hotel experience. I will be showing you here the food we had during our week quarantine.

Like what I mentioned, food supply during the hotel quarantine stay is one of the concerns of many OFW.

That is the reason why some brought a few cupboard foods as much as they can. While hubby and I look irresponsible to this matter. Because of the stresses preparing a lot of things and documentation from exiting UAE I forgot to manage this part well.

I was only able to buy a few cup noodles and biscuits same day of my flight. However, upon reaching the hotel and had my time to unpack the items I got, it looks that it will only last for three days.

Thankfully, a full-board meal was provided. The food was very Pinoy style, all dishes are tasty and heavy, more than enough to energize us for the whole day.


For your reference below was my COVID-19 Free food experience.

Daily bottled mineral water was provided.


COVID 19 Free Food Fish Fillet

Fish Fillet and Veggies

COVID 19 Free Food Goto

Goto with Boiled Egg for Snack

COVID 19 Free Food Tocino

Chicken Tocino and Egg

COVID 19 Free Food sandwich

Ham and Cheese sandwich with Fries for a snack

COVID 19 Free Food hotdog

Sausage and Egg




Fried Bangus

COVID 19 Free Food Meat loaf

Meatloaf and Egg

I didn’t able to take all photo of each meal, but it similar to above type)

My below suggestion may help you to prepare this part: (based on my experience)The hotel doesn’t provide any meal order other than the standard inclusion. If only I knew, I wish I brought bread and sandwich spreads with me in case I don’t want to have a heavy Pinoy meal on one particular day.

  • For tea and coffee lovers like me, if you have a traveler electric kettle better to bring that. My hotel don’t provide a kettle facility inside the room, every time you need to have hot water you need to call the room service. That is fine though, but if you are sensitive and want to avoid as much as possible having frequent personal contact with hotel staff, I suggest to have this. But if you want to use this chance to gradually lessen your caffeine intake this is the best time, like what happened to me.


  • Better to bring your snack that may last up to one week. In my case, they told us that the SWAB test results will be ready in 3-5 days, but we got it on our 7th day.


  • Additionally, bring enough hygiene essentials. Our hotel only provides each room with small soap, 1 sachet of shampoo, and toothpaste, it will not be replenished.


Have a safe flight to all!

Our Hotel Experience Our Hotel Experience


Different Good and Bad attitude of Pinoy’s I encountered during my flight

Different Pinoy Attitude


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