COVID-19 Flight via Emirates Airline Dubai to Manila

Dubai to Manila Flight via Emirates Airline


Out of my many travels at Dubai Airport my recent trip was one the most memorable and emotional ones.

Who would ever think that the world will change in a snap due to this pandemic?

Six months back I was at the same terminal, going to the same destination. That moment is far different from what I just experience.

Normally, OFW’s are happy and excited every time they are flying back to the Philippines. It is our much-awaited time to relax and be with our families.

But on my recent trip, I’ve seen those exciting faces seem gone. Most of the OFW’s passengers look anxious leaving the UAE unexpectedly.

The only reason they are happy about is finally getting a confirmed flight after waiting for many months. In their words and faces, you can see the worries about many things.

This trip is no longer the usual relaxing vacation, instead, a reality of starting over again.


Dubai to Manila flight


Same with them, I can also feel the worries. But instead of focusing so much on the negative side, Don and I decided to accept this new chapter on a brighter side. We know that even we worry a lot, nothing will change or happen.

With the help of prayer, positivity, and determination I know we can all make this.


Our Check-in

Due to the massive number of passengers, it is advisable to be at the airport 5 hours before the flight.

That’s what we exactly did, we don’t want to face any issue that might delay this flight.

There are only a few counters opened at that time, since flights are on special flights only.

The airport staff is limited as well as comparing before. Because of that, we transferred to a total of three counter, though tiring it is understandable.

Counter 3 was the last one, it took us about one hour to check-in.

Dubai to Manila check in

The ground crew assisted us is my fellow Filipina, I am thankful for her great assistance. Since this is a special flight and last-minute schedule, I was not able to select a seat online. I am not sure as well if that is possible, anyways, I told her my request.

I requested if possible hubby and my seat to be next to each other, and put me on the aisle side. The isle side request is very important for my knee problem.

Due to the fully book situation, there is no available but she assures me she will try her best.  After a few moments, she gave us our boarding pass.

Hygiene Protocols

As per the crew, our flight consists about of 300 + Filipinos, with this, it is normal for a passenger to worry about getting the scary virus.

With the Emirates Airlines preparations, you can see that they are following the high hygiene protocol.

At the check-in counter, they will provide each passenger with a hygiene kit. Each kit is good for two, but they are generous to give one kit each person.

Around 11:45 pm we are done with the immigration, Don and I residence visa status officially canceled.

Then we walk to gate B6.



02:30 am, finally our boarding time, everyone is tired and sleepy.

Dubai to Manila boarding

Dubai to Manila OFW flight

Safety standards can be seen from the ground to cabin crew, onboard all crews are wearing masks, eye protectors, and PPE. That is totally different from the usual uniform.

Dubai to Manila Emirates Airline

I was so happy and thankful to the ground crew assisted my check-in, I didn’t expect that the seat she will provide us is with the extra legroom.  For sure Don and I would have a comfortable flight.

Dubai to Manila our seat

While waiting for boarding, Don and I imagine that we will be able to watch a couple of movies like what we used to do every flight. But not even a single movie happen, our sleep was so deep and relax.

Food included

The only provided meal is Pizza for a snack.

Fried noodles, bread, and fruits for lunch around 08:00 AM Dubai time.

Though this flight schedule was not our original flight and the outcome of my travel agent mistake, it turns out to be a blessing to us. Life is really great and full of surprises.

—-Dubai to Manila Flight——–Dubai to Manila Flight—-

OFW from Dubai

After 13 years of living in the UAE, we are going home

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