Philippines Hotel Quarantine Stay OFW Experience

Philippines Hotel Quarantine facility one of the major concern of OFW coming home soon. Who will pay for the hotel stay and food? let me share with you my experience.

Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, many OFW’s are worrying about their upcoming flight to the Philippines. Aside from the expensive flight ticket, the unclear swab testing and quarantine hotel facility fee added to the burden.

Most of the arriving OFW at this time are laid off from their work and didn’t receive their salaries for months. The saddest situation is, some didn’t receive their expected final settlement.

Starting back again in the Philippines after living abroad for many years is not that easy. Many don’t have yet the ideal amount they need to start a small business, or even to sustain the upcoming days not having yet the new source of income. All OFW’s affected by this pandemic understands one another.

Sentiments of OFW in the thought of paying personally the swab test and hotel stay are understandable. I guess no individual would gladly accept it, at this hard time each penny counts.
That is why I am so thankful that OWWA assures that arriving OFW’s would not shell out a single amount.

Our Philippines Hotel Quarantine Experience

My hotel experience

The stress, headache, and anxieties I had before arriving in the Philippines and during the airport process seem compensated.

Our hotel stay was a relaxing one, I don’t want to overact but we felt we are on vacation.

Staying in a hotel for a total of 8 nights is like a gift for our many years working abroad. Though those days may seem boring for some, not for hubby and me. We use those days as our chance to relax, sleep, and rest before facing the reality later on. It was helpful for us to set our mind that, “Hey Guys you are now already in the Philippines”.

The Hotel

There are different hotels provided by the OWWA, your hotel assignment depends on the availability.

Hubby and I  suppose to stay in Astro Hotel Monumento, but then later change to Hotel Dreamworld Las Pinas. That is why there was an hour delay before we reach the hotel.

While others got the chance to be in 5-star hotels like the Sofitel Hotel. If we were happy what more for them?

I know some of the previous OFW batches may complain due to their horrible experience. Maybe because during those time steps are not yet systematic since this is all-new for everyone. To be fair and for many OFW information, I would like to share with you guys my honest experience.

Hotel room amenities
  • King size bed
  • Fully airconditioned room
  • Free basic WIFI access
  • Cable TV
  • Mini Fridge
  • Private toilet and bath

Work station and TV area

Hallway to restroom

The bed, sorry for the messy photo I took before check out

What I love most during my stay is a relaxing bath from their rain shower. Next to it, is our nightly Korean movie marathon.


This part is nothing to worry about, the hotel stay is in full board meal concept. The hotel staff is delivering each meal in the room since going out is not possible.

The hotel has a specific schedule in delivering each meal.

  • 07:30 am for Breakfast
  • 11:30 am for Lunch
  • 03:30 pm for Snack
  • 06:30 pm for Dinner

For our busy adult lifestyle, planning a daily meal is a challenge, that is why I really enjoy my more than a week’s stay not worrying about this part.

My Overall appreciation

While on quarantine for days we ensure not to be left behind from the current news. Though the news is stressful, we need to catch it those times to set our expectations once we got the clearance to go home.

From the news, we’ve seen many people who are stuck in different public places. I am so thankful that we are in a comfortable and secure place. Imagining their situation is really hard, if I would be in that state I don’t know how to handle it.

I am thankful and feel proud of how OFW’s are taken care of compare to other foreign workers I’ve known in UAE. Not all the other foreign nationals are given this assistance. OWWA system might not be perfect but base on my experience they tried to give whatever they can.

Our unplanned exit from UAE may be stressful, but with the simple blessing we got, it makes us more appreciative.

Once again thank you my Home country for welcoming us back. We are hoping to have a good start!


Are you an OFW who just got back home? we want to hear your Philippines Hotel Quarantine stay experience.

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