Different Pinoy Attitude

Covid-19 Flight to Philippines with Different Pinoy Attitude

Pinoy Attitude

From the news, you can see that many OFW’s all over the globe are coming home due to the economic effect of COVID-19. Sadly, I am one of those Filipino workers who decided to go back home instead of continuing the fight for an unsure future abroad at this hard time.

In this post, I’ve shared all my experiences from processing my flight, airline, hotel, and even my hotel food experience.

This trip is full of stories that are worth sharing for many OFW set to fly back home. My stories might help you to set your expectation, and prepare you to plan this stressful journey of your one-way ticket to Manila.

More than my above experiences, there is one scenario that until now is fresh in my mind, which made me realize that even we Filipino are one nation, we have a difference in many ways. One of them is how we see things. That difference creates either peace or war from one another.

The Scenario 

At the airport, while waiting for my queue at  the OWWA counter;

Due to the massive number of Filipino arrives that day, the process seems so chaotic. All of us are tired from the 8 hours flight from Dubai, stress from all the troubles that we experience before reaching the flight date. All the pressure you can imagine, we experience all of it.

Despite that, each person has a different way of handling things.

The coast guard team who is assisting the passengers in the airport was having a hard time organizing the queue. This is understandable as there are 3 fully booked flight arrived that day, approximately a total of 1000 passengers. The crowd looks uncontrollable.

One nation, different attitude

Inconsiderate – some don’t care about others, they don’t take a proper queue and pretending they don’t know. They want to finish their thing first and not considering that everyone is tired.

Complainer – A 50+ years old lady was complaining and shouting to one of the coast guard team, she was claiming that it is already her turn for the queue. Many tried to explain to her the process and advise to just follow the coast guard instruction. But she keeps on talking that adds up an argument to other people.

Some commented like;

-In UAE you cannot act like that, you will just follow the instruction, right? Why you cannot do it now in your own country?

-We waited for this day for long, then you will just create a fight? why don’t you just follow!


On the bus going to the hotel quarantine facility

 Our batch going to Hotel Dreamworld Las Pinas is a total of 20 people. Half of it complains a lot that they don’t like the hotel, as it is cheap, a motel, etc.

I don’t want to be righteous, but I feel those who complain about the hotel is overacting. We know what kind of house we are living in the UAE if your work is not in high-income status.

Since I was in the last seat, I saw all their job titles from the hotel health declaration sheet in the time I signed it. Hubby, me, and one guy are the only one works in the corporate world while the rest are working in a salon, café, and house (No offense about the job, my only point is the quality of life abroad. How I wish they will act base on their real status)

Despite my disappointments with few people, there are Pinoy’s who are really good guys.

Muslim lady from Mindanao.

Nanay was about 60 years old, at the Dubai airport, she keeps on offering her Arabic sweets goodies to everyone. She gave a good vibe for stress OFW at that time. “Don’t be shy, take it, this is good, try it” the words she always says while offering her snacks.

Kuya Kabayan

When he heard two ladies talking about how hungry they were but doesn’t have any dirham anymore to buy food, he genuinely offers to buy snacks. The two ladies don’t want to accept but Kuya was insisting and assure them it is fine. “I only have AED35.00, let’s use this for the last time, he says”

Ate Girl

She was silent, doesn’t mind the hardship of long travel and process at the airport. A very patient lady, she said “Nothing will happen if I will complain, I will just follow, this will end later on”

What I learned from them

There are more different personalities that I encountered during that journey, but the above is remarkable for me. Why? Because I learn from them.

I learned from “Nanay Muslim” to be a blessing to everyone, a simple smile can give refreshment to a tired soul.

To be a good observer like what Kuya Kabayan did. He listens, observes what other people need, and helps them in the most practical way.

Be cool and calm no matter how stressful, and hard the situations I am in, like what I’ve seen from Ate Girl. It will avoid me to have tiring and useless arguments.

Lastly is to be reasonable, not to complain a lot, be thankful as much as possible.

The world situation is getting worst every day, negative feelings are rising but with our simple act of kindness, we can make a small difference.

Have a safe flight for many OFW that set flying home soon. Just prepare and be cool guys!


My COVID-19 Flight journey

COVID-19 Free food in Philippines Hotel Quarantine Facility

Photo credit: greatist.com



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