Craving for a real Hongkong Chinese Cuisine? try Hap Chan

In the Philippines, craving for Chinese food is not a problem. Many Chinese restaurants are available everywhere, you just need to keep on searching till you got the best taste that suits you. If you haven’t tried yet the Hap Chan restaurant, maybe you would want to give it a try soon.

Hap Chan is one of the well known and leading Hong Kong Chinese Authentic Restaurant in the market.

I’ve seen this a few times but this is my first time trying it. We had a quick dinner last week at their Kalayaan Quezon City Branch after my father’s chemo therapy from PGH Manila.

We were in a hurry to find a restaurant with soup at that time as he was hungry after the two days of treatment. It was already past 8:00 pm, and he cannot bear any longer till we got home. Great that along the way to Marikina we saw Hap Chan Kalayaan Branch still open.

The staff is accommodating despite they will be closing in 20 minutes after we came. He informs us with a smile and respectful tone that he will let us in but need to take our full order and payment on the spot as they will closing the cashier. Not a big deal, of course, it is fine with us. We were thankful as papa was starving.

Since this is my first time eating here, the experience and ambiance are all new for me. My first impression of this restaurant before was an expensive and high-end Chinese food outlet. Surprisingly, it wasn’t. The prices are fair enough with the style, taste, and amount of food.

What did we order?

Papa was excited to have his favorite, the sliced beef fried Ho-Fan. Seeing him after chemotherapy is just so heartbreaking.

Hap Chan Ho fan

While mom, Don, and I had Beef Brisket, Asado Noodles, and Congee.

Haggard but all are still smiling

Hap Chan Beef Brisket

Food Feedback

I would definitely come back again to try their other dishes. The Sliced Beef Ho Fan was so tasty, and saucy. Beef brisket and Asado are very soft, with a balance soup taste.

Hap Chan Asado Noodles


The restaurant decoration and welcome tea concept give a feeling of eating in a traditional Chinese way. I like it!

Hap Chan lights

Chinese Tea 

Hap Chan welcome tea

Hap Chan welcome tea

We know that tea drinking is part of the Chinese rich culture.

It is a daily necessity for the Chinese to have three meals and tea a day. Tea-drinking is a nation-wide custom in China. When any guest comes, it is a rite to present a cup of tea to him/her.

Why Filipino love to eat Chinese Food? Let’s have a quick history

But if we will think of it, why many Filipino love Chinese food so much. We may not notice but, Chinese food has been part of our life. Growing  up, this has been our comfort cuisine.

One of the questions why Filipinos are one of the countries in Asia with a passion for Chinese cuisine is because it has been a part of our culture for hundreds of years.

Since the 11th century, our ancestors have had trading relations with the Chinese nation. They trade in a variety of materials such as silk cloth, porcelain, colored glasses, beads, turtle shells, and pearls.

Photo not mine

And the time came Chinese businessmen chose to live on our coasts. Then they decided to remake their favorite Chinese food using the local ingredients so that they could still enjoy their distinct food taste here in the Philippines.

Since then, various recipes from Chinese cuisine have been one of the Filipino favorites. From pansit, siopao, and even lumpia, these foods have become part of our culture for years. Different kinds of these dishes have been made in the different cooking styles that fit Filipino taste.

Another reason why Filipinos love Chinese food is that same with them we love to use soy sauce in our cuisine. Soy sauce is one of the main ingredients in many Filipino dishes, we are using it for seasoning our food and dip sauce for our favorite fried dishes. But not many are aware, Chinese are the ones who brought soy sauce into our country.

Aside from introducing us to the use of soy sauce, the Chinese also brought us items like black beans and tofu. These ingredients are now normally part of many of our cuisines. Because of using similar ingredients, Filipino adapts the food taste of Chinese cuisines and their cooking style.

Similar to the Chinese, the Filipinos are fond of boiled dishes contains rich sauces. And most of the Chinese cooking style that all Pinoy grew up with is the stir-fry way or known as gisa.

Other cooking techniques that the Chinese brought to Filipino cuisine are braising style, that is why we are now enjoying a patatim dish or simple boiled fish in a different sauce.

A variety of dishes to choose from at the table are some of the reasons why we love Chinese cuisines. Chinese love to eat with different viands in each meal as well.

The Chinese also believe in balance and diversity in food; hence, you’ll see the use of various types of flavors, vegetables, meat, and fruits in their cuisine.

Short Details of Hap Chan

Hap Chan has always been committed to offering authentic Hong Kong tea house cuisine and dining experience at an affordable price in a modern and contemporary Chinese ambiance.

They ensure providing food quality and great service to all their customers.

For the last 30 years, Kwok Man Wah and his team of Hong Kong cooks, study continuously to improve their craft and develop their dishes.

Hap Chan has grown a full-blown restaurant offering Filipino-Chinese favorites and has expanded to different parts of the Philippines reaching as far as General Santos, Tuguegarao, and Ilocos Norte. To date, Hap Chan is over one hundred two (102) branches nationwide.

Branch location where we had our dinner.

Hap chan Kalayaan Quezon City Branch

G/f Kalayaan Center V. Luna Cor.
Kalayaan Ave., Quezon City


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