Ducup Authentic Korean Rice in a Bowl


Have you tried the Ducup?

If you aren’t familiar yet with Ducup this is an Authentic Korean food hub that serves rice meal in a bowl with toppings of either chicken, pork, beef or squids and loaded with its variety of sauces that makes the meal so delicious.

You can find Ducup around Metro Manila, while the branch I tried with is their branch in Quezon City near Tandang Sora.

It is just a simple, tiny food place that you can enjoy their freshly serve rice in a bowl.

While eating you can watch from their nonstop TV showing of the Ducup owner none other than Ryan Bang.

I am not a fan nor familiar about him as he is not in my generation. I got to know Ducup only from google search results when I was searching for an authentic Korean meal around Quezon City.

From the moment I saw the food review about Ducup I know this will be worth trying and food are for sure great since the owner is a Korean.

More than that after watching one of his interview from one vlog channel I must say that this guy deserves the love and support he is getting from our country.

The way he value his employees is commendable. He has big dream not just for his company but also for his Filipino employees, it is so touching to hear that a foreigner cares so much about our fellow filipino. A selfless businessman with great vision, ambition to grow including those people who help him grow.

When you suppport Ducup you are not just supporting the business owner but also the Filipinos working in this group of chance to improve their life as well.

Our Experience

We tried the chicken and squids toppings.

Each meal includes of iced tea!

These sauces are just so yummy.

Do we like it?

I can’t imagine hubby and I had 2 sets each that moment. We were sooo full!

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