Serenity in Timberland Heights San Mateo

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Timberland Heights San Mateo

My province San Mateo Rizal may not be a famous town in many things like its neighboring district. But you might be surprise, there are some places that is worth visiting, a hidden gem that many are not yet discovering.

One of them is the cyclist favorite place to do their thrilling routine, the San Mateo Timberland Heights. It is  a private subdivision and outdoor recreational area atop a hill overlooking Metro Manila.

Timberland Heights San Mateo biking


Though bikers don’t have access to enter the subdivision, but the road going up is the high light of this place. The stiff and high road is enough to satisfy your biking purpose.

You would really sweat and exercise a lot going up.

Though I haven’t been tried biking up my few minutes trying to jog up give me heavy palpitation. For the cyclist the challenging road up is the challenge and exciting part.


Reaching the peak is rewarding, regardless you bike, walk or drive up as you can feel the fresh air from there.

While you are there you will not feel that just below is the busy city of San Mateo. And a few minutes drive away you are in the cities of Marikina and Quezon City,

Timberland Heights San Mateo view

It is good to take a walk here if you just want to relax for a while and see big trees. This is a good alternative destination if you don’t want to travel far to Antipolo.

Another reason why it is good to visit Timberland Heights is the serenity of the place. Unlike the known tourist spot this place is not crowded.

At the top you can have a relaxing, resting, and have a peace of mind even for a moment. You can have this without any fee at all, there is no entrance fee to go up.

Timberland Heights San Mateo clouds

Most of the time bikers are coming here using their bike itself for the entire travel from their home. While some are in private cars, carrying their bike. They will just park their car and then jog or ride their bike going up.

The road is good since it leads to a private subdivision, so bikers are really happy hitting their bike pedal especially the downhill.

Timberland Heights San Mateo cyclist

For many cyclist, it is a reminder to be careful as there are some parts of the road that are a curved and a lot of accidents happen there.

Along the road, you will see many sellers of organic vegetables and root crops. Grab the chance to avail as the price is cheaper than the market price.

Our Visit

My husband and I went here this late afternoon, we wanted to breathe and detox the boredom we are feeling staying at home for many days now.

Also, we are looking for a good place where we can do our part-time online job.

We thought that what we were doing was not healthy anymore, we barely saw the sun.

Apart from being careful because of COVID-19, I felt that I am having now anxiety because of this crazy situation. While my husband’s depression seems to getting trigger again, we need to divert our attention to avoid that.

So we decided to think about where we could park our car and work there for a while.

We need to fix our broken routine since we came home from the UAE.

And with my father’s suggestion, we thought of driving to Timberland Heights.

From our house, it will take us thirty minutes to reach the top.

We will try to do this idea in the next few days, for now, we need to adjust our sleep first, our bad habits came back, doing the morning to night, and night to morning.

Our quick time at Timberland Height is refreshing and satisfying. The few hours of afternoon sleep sacrifice is worth it. That visit helps us regain joy despite whatever problem we are facing.

How to Go to Timberland Heights San Mateo
From Batasan Quezon City, follow the road going to SM San Mateo. A few meters from SM San Mateo you will see the Mercury Drugstore on the right, and followed by 7 Eleven. From 7 Eleven corner turn right, keep on driving, when you see Greenland New town Executive Village on the right you are only about 30 meters away from the road up to Timberland.
You will see an arrow going left to Timberland, just follow it, and there you will see the road uphill. A lot of cyclists are there, you will probably see them along the road.

Just message me if you are planning to drop me, I try my best to assist you with any questions. Enjoy your exploration soon.


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