Explore Dubai in AED3.00 – Dubai Museum

Many expats living in UAE are thankful for this country, who will not be, this country is generous in providing us lot of opportunities.
This country gives us a chance to explore, learn, work with a privilege of having a chance to bring our families, of course, limitations are there
we will never be a permanent resident here, but the fact of having a chance to bring your kids, spouse or even a parents while working here
are a bit easy compared to other Arab countries (of course, there are few terms and conditions), indeed UAE deserves our gratitude.

For those who worked here since 80’s, they had experienced how good this country is, they had seen the hard works of the leaders to improve their infrastructure, boost their economic status from a simple country now to icon of luxury.

So for us, who just witness the glamorous of the city recently, I think we should be interested in knowing the fact, how they become a successful nation. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the history of their people and traditions, just for AED3.00 you can travel to their past and experience their rich culture…..Let’s visit Dubai Museum!

Location: Al Fahidi St., Bur Dubai Opposite Grand Mosque Dubai
Nearest Metro Station: Al Fahidi Station

I went to Dubai Museum this afternoon, despite a bit rainy day still a lot of tourists visited this “must visit” spot in Dubai. I feel proud seeing most of the tour guides are Filipinos.

Enjoy your tour!


From a small country, who will imagine UAE would be included in the top richest country in the world!

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