Enjoy Dubai in simple way – The Boardwalk Palm Jumeirah

I had shared with you guys our old style date last weekend in The Boardwalk Palm Jumeirah, but I haven’t shared yet the photos of it. This is an ideal place to hang out if you just want to walk, watch the sunset or just want to relax outdoor, so while the weather is still at his best try to visit the place.

It is not that crowded but because of some construction we are stocked in traffic, there are various stall/food trucks in the area which are cute and cool. You can have your not so fancy meal in front of a luxurious hotel while enjoying the sea view.

Love to have my coffee in here, so relaxing

Nice place for family bonding, especially if you have kids most of the kids brought their bicycle.

This is the most interesting for me, iceeeecream 🙂

Love it

Though Dubai is a city of luxury but still you can enjoy it with a small amount.

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