Mr. KimBob Korean Healthy and Affordable Meal

Mr. KimBob Korean a Healthy and Affordable Meal.

Have you already tried the Korean meal from Mr. KimBob? if you are a Korean food fanatics for sure you did already tried it.

While for me, this is not just a first time to try it, but as well my first time to hear this food chain. I will be sharing you guys my below experience with their meal,

MR. KIMBOB at SM MASINAG on December 14,2020

With my parents, we had our lunch at Mr. KimBob last Monday at SM Masinag.

That is actually the first time I saw its name from the SM Foodcourt.

At that time I am not actually sure which cuisine to try on. I let my parents decide which food to order since that is their day. My role that time is to be their chaperone so I need to control interfering with their moment (just kidding)

After a few moments of deciding what food to have for lunch, they finally chose to go for the Bibimbop. They were excitedly sharing with me how they love the sizzling meal from Mr. Kimbob.

I gave the whole floor to the queen to decide for me too.

And this is the one mom wants me to try.

Mr. KimBob sizzling plate

At first, I was a bit confused about how to properly eat it, I was not sure if I shall mix it or the normal way.

This is not my first time to have a Korean Dish, however, I used to have their normal concepts such as grilling of samgyupsal or the rice meal that serves in a bowl.

But with what I had at Mr. KimBob, the rice meal is beautifully arranged on a grilling plate. I know I may sound ignorant on this part but this is really my first time to have this kind of Korean food style. A new experience for me.

Anyway, I enjoyed this tasty lunch, it is really good. A great option if you want to have a Korean sizzling meal.

What my most favorite part is the tasty special chili paste.

Mr. KimBob chili paste

It is not just a cute condiment, for me mixing this paste all together with the ingredients brings out the meal taste.

With this little condiments, it adds a vibe of Korean food with a variety of side dishes or seasonings.

Mr. KimBob

Due to I’ve been away from the Philippines for a very long time it is understandable that there are some famous food hub that I am not familiar with. A food outlet that are worth to discover, try and support.

With the social media presence and word of mouth, I am gradually learning about them. And for sure I will try those one by one.



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