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KPlus Korean Convenience Store in Marikina City

KPlus Korean Convenience Store in Marikina City

Are you looking for a Korean Grocery Store around Marikina City? you will be happy to know that there is a new Korean mart that recently opened in JP Rizal Marikina.

It is the KPlus Korean Convenience Store, which sells various Korean grocery items. They have a variety of instant noodles, snacks, drinks, condiments, and meat products.

Kplus korean items

Despite Korean Grocery store is almost available everywhere, what you will love about KPlus is they offer an online store. From the comfort of your place, you can choose and order your Korean food item. A minimal additional delivery fee within Marikina is reasonable enough if you prefer to order online and skip the toxic traffic in this area.

In addition to that, KPlus doesn’t only offer grocery items, they also serve Milk Tea and rice meal pair with different fried style chicken.



My visit at Kplus was not intentional, it just happened that I was looking for a coffee shop wherein I can sit for a while, have a cup of nice coffee while waiting for my car tire replacement. Just a few steps away from the tire shop I saw Kplus Store. At first, I was hesitant to enter as I thought it is the typical small Korean Grocery store. Surprisingly they do have two small tables where you can have a dine-in meal, it was a perfect place for me that day.

Kplus korean store

Their 3 staffs welcome us with a lovely smile, they all assist us very well.

Kplus korean counter

From their menu board, I saw their rice meal offers. It looks tempting but I was not able to try it as our lunch schedule is not yet on time.

Kplus korean rice meal


So we decided to just try their milk tea, I chose the Matcha flavor while my companions had their Cookies and Cream. The price is Php59.00 for the medium size while Php69.00 for the large one, these are the only size options they have.

The milk tea taste is fine but not that special. What I like about it, is the staff is considerate in asking for the sweetness level. That is great especially if one doesn’t prefer their milk tea to be too sweet. But, from a taste perspective, I feel that it is the same quality as the milk tea I am buying in a small shop near my house. And the cost of those is almost 50% lower than the Kplus price. I know location and ambiance are a factor.

Kplus korean milk tea

Anyway, one of these days, I will come back to try their rice meals and other milk tea flavors.

So if you are looking for a Korean grocery store in Marikina, you may try KPlus Korean Convenience Store.


Kplus korean cold items


KPlus is beside Premium Bikes and near in front of PGonzales Hospital.

598 JP Rizal Street 1807 Marikina City, Philippines

0915 491 3807

Disclaimer: this is not sponsored


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