Giyummy Meets – Korean Grocery Store San Mateo Rizal

Giyummy Meets – Korean Grocery Store San Mateo Rizal

Are you craving for a Samgyeopsal, or any Korean tasty foods? nothing to worry as Korean Grocery stores are easy to find in the Philippines especially in the NCR area.

But if you are living out of NCR you might be struggling in finding a pure Korean Grocery store that sells their basic stuff.

In case you are residing around Rodriguez or San Mateo Rizal, you will be happy to know that there is a Korean Grocery store that is newly opened near SM San Mateo and Quezon City Boundary.

This is a relief for a Korean food lover living in this area as you wouldn’t need to travel far to buy authentic Korean food items. At Giyummy Meets & Korean Supermarket you can find the main ingredients to prepare your own Korean dishes. A Samgyeopsal meal at the comfort of your home is now possible as Giyummy Meets sells different condiments and per pack thinly sliced beef.

A variety of noodles, snacks, drinks, and desserts are available too.

Giyummy Meets Grocery Store 
Giyummy Meets chapchae



Giyummy Meets cold drinks

Veggies and cold items

Giyummy Meets soju


Giyummy Meets juice


Giyummy Meets stove

Portable Gas Stove for your Samgyeopsal or Shabu Shabu

Giyummy Meets pots

Pot for rice or fluffy egg

Giyummy Meets noodles

Variety of noodles

Giyummy Meets beef

Beef and Pork

Giyummy Meets snacks


Giyummy Meets condiments

Our Shabu Shabu at Home

Since my family is a fan of Korean foods we ensure to visit the shop as soon we can. We bought a few stuff to prepare mom’s special shabu-shabu. Normally she is using Chinese mixed balls, for a change she decides to try the Korean version.

And this is what we got for our dinner.

A perfect meal for this great weather.

Outdoor Dinner

Some ingredients are our stock

Enjoying my yummy soup

Few items we bought

Giyummy Meets candies

Giyummy Meets coffee


Giyummy Meets mixed balls

Giyummy Meets soup base

Thanks Giyummy for the free seaweeds.


The location is along the highway, there are few parking slots available in front of the grocery, which would be great in case you need enough time to find your favorite Korean foods.

0915 672 9494

44 Gen. Luna Ave, Banaba, San Mateo, 1850 Rizal

My Favorite Korean Fast Foods

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