Lamer Beach Dubai an additional happy place for all

As expected every time Dubai has a new project it is something that people would say oh wow!

Dubai never fails to amaze everyone with their spectacular skyscrapers building, a different concept of mall and theme park. All their projects are something to look forward to.

Recently another “oh my wow” project has launched, an additional beach park for everyone to enjoy.

I know you know what I am talking about none other than Lamer Beach in Jumeirah 1. No one would imagine that this simple public beach would turn to be a modern style like this.

The concept is similar in JBR. There are a variety of restaurants and cafe which are bound to open, a truly friendly destination for all. Everyone would definitely enjoy their beach time without any hassle. Shower room and clothes changing area are available all over.

It is a good spot for just walking or jogging.

And for a hopeless romantic like me who love just to hang out and chill this place is perfect. Nice weather with relaxing sounds of waves is enough to enjoy the day. This place is ideal for my “me time” too  I’ll try to visit it next time for my meditation.

Aside from the perfect sandy beachfront outgoing art lover would fall in love with those cute wall painting and cool pieces.

There are many artworks painting in every corner of the park which is awesome photo background for your OOTD.

I can’t get over on how good the lightings effect are by this bulbs.

Sweets and drinks vendor are available to quench your thirst after your tiring sweet escapes.

Hello to the Filipino staff of this Juice Bar he was so accommodating. He even suggest us to took a photo on this angle to show the lightings.

Before the parking area is the major concern of visitors. But now it has a huge underground parking area available. So far it is free but for sure soon it would be subject to charges.

During my visit, there are many expats and Emiratis enjoying the day.

On the way to the beach.

Thanks Dubai for this additional happy place provided for all.

Many Filipino workers and other expats are really appreciating this kind of free admission place in Dubai. The simple things that all of us can enjoy despite far from our families.

I don’t want to sound super Dubai fanatic but that is really how I feel. I know my co-Filipino expats working here understands it.

Those tourist beaches lover who wants to explore the sandy beach of Dubai but doesn’t want to travel afar would surely appreciate La Mer Beach. It is close to the center and near to many major attractions.

Enjoy the few days of this nice weather guys go and visit the place 🙂


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