My Favorite Salmon Belly Sinigang, Price in the Philippines

What is your favorite Pinoy comfort food guys?

I am sure Sinigang will be in one of your lists, most of the Pinoys are a fan of these dishes.

Aside from its easy to cook, the sour broth taste is so relaxing to a tired body.

When I am not feeling well, a bowl of Sinigang meal is so helpful to make me feel good.

For many, Pork Sinigang is their top favorite, while mine is Salmon Belly Sinigang.

When I was still working abroad, this dish was always on my weekly meal plan. Preparing it is so easy, ideal for a busy working wife like me, it only took me a total of 40 minutes to finish cooking it.

Easy right? and most important of it, it is budget-friendly. The minimum amount I am spending was approximately AED15.00 or Php 198.00, this is good enough for hubby and me,  it serves as our two days dinner.

After my 2 months of staying here in the Philippines, finally I found the right timing to cook my favorite dish.

Do you wanna know how much I spent with this meal on a budgeted way? Here it goes:

Ingredients for my Salmon Belly Sinigang, Philippines style

Sadly, some of the ingredients I prefer to use is not available at the Puregold at that time. So some of the vegetables below are my alternative.


It is great that all the grocery stores nearby my residence have available Salmon Belly.


My cooking Style:

  • Frying your Salmon Belly a little gives better tastes than the normal way of directly cooking it along with the broth and vegetables.
  • Lettuce as your main vegetable ingredient is better and tastier than what I got above.

My Sinigang in UAE

  • Use Knorr Sampalok Mix Miso for satisfying taste.

If you are thinking of a nice meal to prepare for your loved ones this coming weekend, I suggest trying Salmon Belly Sinigang. For sure your family will love it.



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