Marikina and San Mateo Rizal, a day after Typhoon Ulysses

Typhoon Ulysses effect in Marikina and San Mateo Rizal.

In our generation, I think 2020 is the most painful and unforgettable year.

Different sad events happened globally from the start of the year 2020, and the Philippines is not exempted from it.

From volcanic eruptions to a pandemic just imagine how many lives we lost. Now that we are almost at the end of the year another heartbreaking calamity hits our country.

With the recent Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses, I’ve seen live how it badly affects many Filipino lives.

Typhoon Rolly affects my husband’s province of Camarines Sur, while Typhoon Ulysses was a nightmare to my parent’s place where hubby and I currently staying.

Our province’s scariest typhoon experience was during Ondoy, I was in Dubai at that time. The horror and traumatic details I had are just based on my family’s experience and the one I saw on the news.

After 11 years, a strong typhoon that led to heavy flash floods happened again. And that is the typhoon Ulysses, I didn’t expect that it will be bad as this, big damage to residential houses, roads, and infrastructure especially in Rodriguez and Marikina area.

Typhoon Ulysses fallen trees

Fallen trees in our subdivision

I am thankful that the flood in our subdivision was not that high compared to the neighboring residential areas.

November 12, 2020

Hubby and I couldn’t sleep until 4 am due to power interruption around 1 am, and because of the heavy scary rain.

We never thought that our place will flood. During Typhoon Rolly’s announcement, we did a lot of preparation but we didn’t feel it strong. Not even a single drop of flood happened in our place, this might be the reason why we underestimate typhoon Ulysses.

By 0730 am, hubby woke up.

I almost fell from my bed when I heard his shocked and tense voice of “Ohhh, baby wake up fast”

Our car was already flooded, we hurriedly went down and saw our neighbors are all panicking. My hubby was a little tense and don’t know how to do about the car since he is not familiar yet with the place and where to bring it.

Thankfully one of our neighbors alerts him and guides him on what to do and where to bring the car, same thing with my father’s vehicle.

As per our kind neighbor who assists hubby, he was shocked as well when he woke up seeing the flood already in their living room. He ran out fast to save his car, unconsciously he was only wearing down undergarments. Then he alerts all the neighborhoods by knocking on each door. You are such a good neighbor Kuya and thank you!

Thankfully the flood calms down after it reaches knee level high.

Typhoon Ulysses flood in our place

View from my room

We are so tired at that time, I can’t imagine how we move fast on bringing all our stuff to the second floor. Good enough that only sofas and table soaks in the flood.

November 13, 2020

A day after typhoon Ulysses, we went out to go to Ortigas for my father’s radiation treatment. Despite we don’t want to travel yet as we know roads are not in good condition we don’t have a choice as his treatment should be done on consecutive days.

From our place to Ortigas, we would pass by Marikina.

With the effect of typhoon Ulysses, you wouldn’t say that Marikina is one of the cleanest cities in the country.

Typhoon Ulysses marikina

The clean streets of Marikina became dirty and muddy.

Left and right you would see a pile of garbage, destroyed appliances, and furniture. While many people are busy cleaning up their places and things. It looks some of them are trying to save even a few of their belongings.

Typhoon Ulysses garbage


Their eyes speak their emotions of hopelessness and wanting to give up.

I can see how devastated and tired they are. Though I am not hearing them, their faces have a lot of questions. Why did this tragedy happen to us, and how can we start again?

A question that is truly hard to answer, the comforting words seem not enough at this time.

A lot of damaged cars are parked everywhere. Owners starting to check it

This tragedy gives pain and sorrow to many affected individuals.

But I know, no matter how hard this situation is, Filipino will fight to start positively. A tired soul and anxiousness will not be the reason for a Filipino to give up

Like everyone else, I am hoping and praying that many good-hearted people will open their hands to help those people.

This situation is really hard, especially if you lost a loved one. But this circumstance didn’t provide a choice, it looks that what everyone can do is just be strong and pray hard for you to endure these tough situations.


Marikina River Banks – September 2020


San Mateo Timberland Heights – October 2020

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