Rusty Lopez Marikina Made Shoes, with high quality

Rusty Lopez Marikina Store super on sale, more than 50% discount

Ladies have a lot of stuff in life from clothes, bags, accessories, and shoes. This is actually the fun part of being a lady. Among all this stuff, for sure you have a particular item that you called your favorite and weakness.

One of the important items that you would agree that we should have in our collection is a nice pair of black shoes. This is very useful for our meetings and events to attend to. The brand should not be the top factor though, what important is the shoes are comfortable and durable. It is up to you whether you go for the international or local brand.

However, a good quality pair of shoes in the Philippines is not that affordable if you will base on the average salary. From what I saw from a different department store, a minimum of Php1,000 and above seem to be the normal price, except if it’s on sale.

I will not easily go for it, since finding great deals is my favorite thing to do.

I am more proud every time I am getting a quality item at a great price, rather than the expensive one.

Thankfully, if you are living near Marikina, you don’t need to wait for a Mall Sale to buy quality Philippines’s made shoes.

Along Rodriguez Avenue, there are few branded shoe stores that offer a super low price on all of their items.

Rusty Lopez is one of them.

Since most of my stuff from the UAE are sent to Bicol province, I need to buy a new pair of black shoes. It should be simple, comfortable, and with enough heel height. I will be using it for my upcoming new career journey.

However, with the current crisis, I need to be practical in my purchases. It is not self-deprivation but I chose to be cautious and wise before spending.

With each of my purchase plan, I am trying to put a specific budget to that and ensuring not to exceed. And with these shoes, I set a budget of Php 500 -700 only with good quality.

Sounds impossible? I also thought of that. Thankfully, I remember Rusty Lopez store in Marikina, I always seeing this every time I am driving going to Cainta or Ortigas.

I know I could find a great item with a good price from here, but I never thought that it would be super super great deal.


The Buy One Get One Free

Rusty Lopez Marikina

Rusty Lopez Marikina buy one get one

Some items are with 60% discount

Rusty Lopez Marikina 60% sale

While the new collections are with 10% discount

Rusty Lopez Marikina new collection

Kid’s shoes are available as well

Rusty Lopez Marikina kids shoes

Men shoes are available, but I was not able to get photo of it. Got so excited with all these beautiful items.

My Shoes 

The black shoes I got meet my expectation, it is simple, decent and comfortable.

Rusty Lopez Marikina black shoes

There is few small spot in the leather part, like an oil mark which is not a big deal at all

The original price was Php 1,899 down to Php 570.00

Addition to the sale price I got an extra promo to get another shoe style from their selection. I can also get a pair of high heels but I chose to have flat shoes instead.

You will be surprised the total price for these two is just Php 570.00. wow, such a great deal!

Rusty Lopez Marikina blue flats shoes

Rusty Lopez Marikina flats

The sole are thick and you can feel that it will last long.

So happy with this purchase.

If you are a thrift shopper like me, visiting Rusty Lopez in Marikina would be a great idea. A nice, comfortable, durable pair of shoes yet at a good price are available here.

Address: 76 E Rodriguez Ave, Marikina, 1800 Metro Manila

Timing: Monday – Friday / 10:00am – 08:00pm

Contact #: 02 8942 1836


The Story of Rusty Lopez

(Disclaimer: the below information is from their website, and this article is not sponsored)


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