Coccinelle Bag in Dubai Water Canal

I’ve seen this brand many times in Dubai Outlet Mall but never had a chance to check their items. Honestly speaking I was not familiar with the name at all.

Coccinelle name appears when I was browsing the net and looking for a nice bag suggestion. I was searching that time for an affordable, quality bag with a good market review.

I paused for a while and tried to recall the exact place I saw this brand and I remember it is somewhere Outlet Mall.

About the brand:

Coccinelle is a benchmark brand in the production of fashion bags and accessories founded in 1978 in Italy where its head offices are currently located.

Based on the reviews it is the same level of Furla but many are not familiar yet with it (or maybe I am the only one). I was convinced to check it at the store and see for myself.

Right timing, they are on clearance sale with a 70% discount.

After a few minutes of try on I decided to have this cute little bag. Aside from I am really looking for a smaller bag, my set budget fit with it. I guess this is totally a good deal.

I chose this tone to add a bright, fresh, looking young color on my few bag collections. Using for two years of my basic color bag (brown, blue & beige) is a bit tiring somehow, playing the color of your wardrobe or bag collection once in a while is fine.

So far I’ve been using this lovely bag non-stop for two weeks, and still happy with it.

I carry it at work, doing groceries and during my day off while strolling. One of the best places I’ve brought her is in The Dubai Water Canal.

It was a good Saturday with inviting weather to just walk around the boardwalk, chill and enjoy our day off.

You can check below some photos of the bag while enjoying the beautiful sceneries of one of the Dubai’s pride.

Meet the Bag

Dubai Water Canal few more photo

Car parking is available with a fee while the public WIFI access is free.

Few more constructions are going on around the Dubai Canal. Undeniably, Dubai seems will never have an ending magnificent project.

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