Coccinelle Bag same level as Furla, join me at Dubai Water Canal

Coccinelle Bag

I’ve seen this brand many times in Dubai Outlet Mall but never had a chance to check their actual items. Honestly speaking I was not familiar with the name at all.

As per the information I got online this brand is well-known in Italy.

Now it makes sense, why online shows this brand when I was looking for a quality, affordable bag with good market reviews.

About the brand

Coccinelle is a benchmark brand in the production of fashion bags and accessories founded in 1978 in Italy. Their head offices are currently located here. 

Based on the reviews it is the same level as Furla but many are not familiar yet with it. (or maybe I am the only one).

From what I read, it convinces me to check their stuff at Outlet Mall Dubai. It was the right timing, they are on clearance sale with a 70% discount.

After a few minutes of try-on, I found what to add to my collection, and it is this cute little bag.

Aside from I am really looking for a smaller bag, my set budget fits with it. Such a great deal!

Coccinelle Bag brand

The  Coccinelle Bag

I chose this tone to add a bright, fresh, and looking young color to my collection. For the past years, I am into basic bag color, such as brown, blue, and beige.

Though at my age I am more in love with basic color, I just woke one day and want to have a smaller bright bag.

Playing the color of your wardrobe or bag collection once in a while is totally fine.

Coccinelle Bag cross body orange

The size is just right every time I feel lazy to carry my tote bag. I love that it is in a crossbody style, perfect to use when roaming around.

Dubai Water Canal, a nice afternoon

So far I’ve been using this lovely bag non-stop for two weeks, and still happy with it.

I did major adjustments in lessening my daily stuff in my office bag just to enjoy this new baby. 

This bag has been with me at work, doing errands and groceries. The best places I’ve brought this bag is in The Dubai Water Canal.

It was a nice Saturday afternoon with the inviting weather and tempting to walk around the boardwalk. The color of this bag adds brightness to this enjoyable and chilling day off.

Coccinelle Bag size for me


What fits this tiny bag? 

Sometimes we just thought that we need a bigger bag to fit all our needs. Surprisingly we are just making it hard for ourselves, a smaller bag is fine to fit the important ones.

A matter of prioritizing things we can do some adjustments.

  • My bag fits my Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette, I am using it as my wallet, it has my cash, coins, and tons of cards.
  • Simple retouch stuff like lipstick, lip balm, powder, blotting paper, mist, and hand cream
  • Gadgets such as my I phone, second mobile phone, keys, and flashlight
Coccinelle Bag orange cross body, what fits inside


How does it look like inside? just perfect.

Coccinelle Bag interior

Dubai Water Canal View with my Coccinelle Bag

Dubai Water Canal is one of the free best spots in Dubai, from here you can see the beautiful buildings in Business Bay and the amazing waterfalls. 

Visiting here at night will show you how pretty and vibrant the waterfalls are.

Few more constructions are going on around the Dubai Canal. Undeniably, Dubai seems will never have an ending magnificent project.

Paid car parking is available, while the WIFI is free to access. The plug with below is the “free to use” mobile charger

The view opposite of BusinessBay side.

If you are planning to visit this park soon you may consider the below reminder.

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your visit to Dubai Water Canal



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